About Us


The Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities was formed in 2004 when three New York-based congregations of Franciscan sisters joined together.

In August 2007, the Sisters of St. Francis in Millvale, Pennsylvania merged with the Syracuse-based congregation.

These four congregations originated from the same Philadelphia, Pennsylvania community founded in 1855 by Sisters Mary Francis Bachmann, Mary Margaret Boll, and Bernardina Dorn. Because St. John Neumann (then Bishop of Philadelphia) guided these founders, leaders of the newly created community opted to include Neumann in the new congregation’s name.


Our Ministry History

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Who We Are Today

Our sisters minister throughout the U.S. and in Lima, Peru.

True to our Franciscan tradition, we serve where the need is greatest and in the way that best suits those needs, adapting our ministries as the needs change. We serve in prayer ministry, education, healthcare, spiritual direction and immigration law. We minister to people challenged by poverty and homelessness, immigrants and refugees, the elderly and children.

We minister in parishes, assisted living facilities, food pantries, hospices and hospitals, and refugee centers.

We manage a health and legal clinic, a program for adults dealing with mental health challenges and a child day care center. We keep bees and gardens.

Large groups of our sisters live in Syracuse, New York; Williamsville, New York; Mount Vernon, New York; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Honolulu, Hawaii. Our Congregational Offices are in Syracuse.

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We are educators, healthcare providers, artists, musicians, writers and social advocates.


Members of our community meet in General Chapter every four years to elect a new Leadership Team and set direction for the community.

Sister Jeanne Weisbeck

General Minister

Sister Pamela Conte

Assistant General Minister

Sister Rita Marie Fritzen

General Councilor

Sister Donna McGartland

General Councilor

Sister James Peter Ridgeo

General Councilor