Partners in Franciscan Ministry


Through our more than 150 years, we founded and operated hospitals, schools, elder care centers and day care institutions.

Many are now operated by laity. We formed Partners in Franciscan Ministry (PFM), a non-profit organization to oversee these ministries and to ensure that our Franciscan values remain integrated in how they deal with consumers, employees, vendors and the communities where they are located.

Several ministries remain directly responsible to the congregation’s Leadership.

Ministry in Kenya

For nearly 50 years, our Sisters ministered to the people of Timau, Kenya, East Africa. We built schools and established a medical clinic, providing education, meals and healthcare to children and their families. Even though our Sisters no longer work in Africa, we still support this important ministry that helps the people of Timau overcome crushing poverty. Your gift can pay for a child’s education or build a home for a family in need.

Ministry in Peru

Our Sisters first arrived in Peru in 1967, in answer to a call from Pope Paul IV for ministry in Latin America. While we originally arrived to minister as teachers, we expanded our work to meet the needs of the people, providing healthcare, social services and pastoral duties. We ministered through a 7.9 magnitude earthquake and a civil war that brought fighting within a block of where our Sisters lived. In 2004, we opened St. Rose of Lima Montessori School in a poor community one hour south of Lima. Today, we support the parish-run school through grants from the congregation and raising funds from generous donors.