> Words held in our Hearts  

Words held in our Hearts  


Words held in our Hearts  

Jn 13:23

By S. Marianne Ferguson

Jesus spoke of the rich soil that receives and understands the Word of God, then bears the fruit that should be spread to others. That word can stir us in timidity, calm us in our frustrations, motivate us in our fears, and console us in our sorrow.

We also are blessed with the living Word of God, Jesus, whose teachings and actions have made a difference in our lives. By holding His words in our hearts, we can always turn to them when they are needed. These are the words we speak to God in prayer, in love to others, and to all whose soil has been given so generously in creation.

We might spend some time pondering how we can, amid our fears and distractions, hold the word in our hearts so that it cannot be taken from us.