> Welcome, New Associates!

Welcome, New Associates!


With abundant joy in their hearts, June Segundo and Shirley Tamoria made their initial commitment as Franciscan Associates on Nov. 19 at Saint Francis Convent chapel in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Sister Samuel Marie Settar welcomed everyone to the liturgy and Sister Helen Hofmann thanked Shirley and June for choosing to be a part of the associate family. Sister Helen said her hope is that the two women will grow closer to God and reverence the goodness of God acting in and through their lives. “I hope your journey as an associate will continue to take you to places unknown in your heart,” Sister Helen said. “May you feel the spirit of love through prayer and commitment to all your brothers, sisters and all creation.”

Following the liturgy, the ceremony of initial and re-commitment was held. Tina Aquinaldo, Alexandra Au, Gerry Kimokeo, Suzanne Ching, Socorror and Sonny De Guzman, Carlina Salvador, Beverly Toledo, Verma Ishinaga, Pressy Pulido, Phyllis Santos, and Charlee Leinaala Pilares all renewed their commitment for three years. Afterwards, all were invited to join the sisters for dinner in the dining room.

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