> We Give You Thanks And Praise

We Give You Thanks And Praise

Thanksgiving Leaves

Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving 2016 is here! Once again, we are looking forward to celebrating this traditional national holiday, a day for family, food and fun that leaves us with many wonderful memories. But there is much more to the celebration of this day; this is a day to set aside some time to ask ourselves what Thanksgiving really means to each of us. As a congregation, this is a day during which we offer special prayers of thanksgiving for all our sisters, associates and benefactors as well as our families, friends and coworkers. Without them, our ability to carry out our mission would never happen: Rooted in the Gospel, we are sisters to all, serving with reverence, justice and compassion.

It also is a day for us to seek blessings for those whose lives are so different from ours. Just watching the news or accessing the internet gives us a broader view of what life is like beyond our cities and borders. We learn that just to survive for another day is a reason to give thanks. That having a handful of food once a day is a reason to give thanks. And that having the hope of being free is a reason to give thanks.

And so we pray

Gracious and Loving God, we present to you our hearts full of gratitude on this Thanksgiving Day. We are grateful for your gifts to us which are beyond measure. We pray for those who have less and need more. But most of all, we pray for the grace to be grateful and to never take you or your gifts to us for granted. Amen.

May God bless you on this Thanksgiving.
– Sister Barbara Jean Donovan