> Vocations – Quiz Time

Vocations – Quiz Time


Sister Caryn Crook

Vocation Corner has a quiz for you.  Just two questions, though.  Good luck!


  1. What is the average age of new members to Religious life? 28


  1. 70% of new entrants considered religious life before the age of? 21


How things change. Most of our sisters entered right out of high school.  Now, most new members enter much later. They have work experience and a bachelor’s degree. Common to entrants then and now is why they choose religious life. New members today are drawn by prayer, spirituality, charism, community life and mission, just like most of us. How they found their religious congregation is much different. Most new members accessed a wide array of print and online resources as they discerned and attended vocation-related events. Thank you, Communications! Your work on print materials, social media and website are so necessary for our community to attract new members today. Once they find us, it is up to us to welcome them with open arms.


(NRVC: Religious Life Today Fact Sheet)