> The TAVOLA | Where I’ve Been, Where I Am Now, and Where I Am Going

The TAVOLA | Where I’ve Been, Where I Am Now, and Where I Am Going


The Change A Heart Franciscan Volunteer Program is rooted in the spirit of St. Francis and the spirit of the Sisters of St. Francis for single men and women, ages 21 through 30, who intentionally live out their service experience through Franciscan values of service, simple lifestyle, community and spirituality.

Change A Heart members are invited to accept the challenge of experiencing the power of God through relationships which empower the powerless, promote peace and transform the world around them.

The 2018-19 Change A Heart volunteers — Kaitlyn Keffler, Albert Garcia, and Tony Thieman— spent their spring retreat reflecting on where they are now and what comes next as their year of service winds down. The trio was fortunate to enjoy their reflection time in a beautiful 200-year-old stone structure of the Capuchin House of Prayer and Reflection in Salisbury, Pennsylvania called Alverno. Surrounded by the Laurel Highland Mountains with their lush green expanse and the stillness of God’s bountiful nature, there was plenty of time to reflect on what it has meant for them to live simply, learn community, grow in their relationship with God and serve those most in need of their love and care. And then finally, to consider what will come next as they make decisions for their next journey.

The retreat time at Alverno included creating their personal Tavolas, or the story of their life’s sacred journey. Once they completed their creations, they had the opportunity to share their Tavolas and speak to those significant experiences that were moments of conversions or a time when they responded to God’s call. Each volunteer shared that the experience of creating their Tavolas was an opportunity to see God at work in their lives and how they have come to this place. Not knowing the future, their prayers are to stay on course to follow God’s plan for them in the days and years to come.