> The Little Skinny Tree

The Little Skinny Tree


Sister Rosemary Bucchi

What I write here may seem very simple or even childlike, but my spirituality is very simple, personal and Franciscan. I believe in, trust in and above all have a great love for the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I always taught children that praying was talking to God, that they should in their own words tell God how they feel, their needs and concerns and always with gratitude, how much they love God.  

I live on the second floor of Franciscan Villa in Syracuse. I have been in the same room for the six years we have been here at the Villa. In my room there is a window seat with four windows around it. I use my window seat for my prayer area because while I am praying, I can look out the windows at God’s beautiful creation. This is a perfect place for me to pray, meditate and talk to God and lately, it seems like I’ve been talking to God a lot.  

 On my first day here, I noticed a little skinny tree planted in the yard below my windows. My first thought was that it should have been uprooted and thrown away. It looked so pathetic; I didn’t think it would last very long. I was so wrong. Through six years of changing seasons, of harsh winters where the wind would cause the tree to bend and sway and lose some branches, after the storms it always stood tall and straight. It stands now with a few dead branches but when spring and summer come, the good branches always have leaves.   

 This little skinny tree has been a meditation for me. No matter what the weather is like, it holds fast and remains strong. God has taken care of it. During this confinement due to COVID-19, and the hard things we have to do, the tree reminds me that God is always near and caring for me, and all will be well. I have spent many more hours looking out the window and talking to God as if He was sitting next to me. The tree keeps me focused on the positive and loving God, reminding me that He is always with me. During really hard times when I think I am going to go crazy and I start complaining about everything, I sit by my window. I look at the tree and talk to God and this makes me feel much better. I am so happy now that my skinny little tree is still standing and in a simple way, helping me to remain strong and faithful.