> The House Donations Built

The House Donations Built


The Mission at Timau, Kenya educates and feeds children and their families, provides medical, dental and eye care at several facilities, and supports area families with housing, beds, blankets and food. Through the St. Clare Technical School that we built in 2004, young adults prepare for jobs in carpentry, dressmaking, welding, plumbing and computer studies.

S. Joanne Gangloff shares the story of a Timau Mission family experiencing the joy of moving from a substandard, dangerous dwelling into a spacious and safe home. Her gratitude goes out to “the generous donors, as well as our social workers and builders back on the ground, for bringing dignity to and making a difference for this family.”  Find out more.

We recently ended our almost 50 year’s presence in Kenya, the last 38 of which were in Timau Catholic Parish and are pleased that the work we began is being carried on at the school of that parish. Social workers continue the home visits we formerly conducted to ensure that the children and their families receive their sponsorship benefits.

We remain committed to maintaining the sponsorship program that has made it possible for hundreds of children in Timau to finish their primary and high school education and, in a number of cases, also attend college. At this time, 300 children are being sponsored for their educations; six students are in college.

Sponsor A Child

$30/month ($360/year) Provides a child with grade school education, meals, shoes, school supplies and medical or dental care. The child also receives maize (corn), beans and cooking fat for the family.

$40/month ($480/year) Sponsors a high school student for one year including tuition, exam fees, food, books, school supplies, calculator, uniform, shoes, physical education uniform and food during school breaks.

$3,600 Pays for construction of a 3-room house.

$600 Covers the cost of a latrine and bathroom.

For more information about our ministry in Timau, Kenya contact:

Sister Joanne Gangloff
ph: 716-632-2155, ext 235.