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Take the Francis Pledge

Francis Francis

In response to this month’s election results, the Franciscan Action Network (FAN) has issued this statement on civil discourse:

We hold these truths to be self-evident; that we are created equal and that our discourse with one another is marked by mutual respect, considerate listening, and a genuine concern for the common good.

Unfortunately, we have experienced a national loss of civil discourse and the long ignored problems impacting families and institutions have been laid bare. Attitudes of hatred, sensationalism, rigidity, and greed have taken root and given rise to name-calling, exploitation, unashamed selfishness, and corruption.

Pope Francis addressed our Congress and spoke to all Americans, asking that our collective response to polarization, “be one of hope and healing, of peace and justice [because] the challenges facing us today call for a renewal of that spirit of cooperation…and resolve to support one another, with respect for our differences and our convictions of conscience.”

When speaking with fellow citizens in the coming days and weeks, try to hear their frustrations and anxiety with an ear toward understanding where they are coming from. We all have deep feelings that, instead of being ignored, should be acknowledged so they can be healed.

Therefore, we ask you to join us in taking the FRANCIS PLEDGE.

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