Feast of Corpus Christi – Monstrance of My Childhood

Monstrance of My Childhood By Sister Marcia Klawon OSF         Only a child of seven  When in the Eucharist  My heart met His  In intimacy of first Holy Communion.  Clothed wholly in purest white was I,  Symbolic of the purity of heart  That would a fitting dwelling be  For my most precious [...]


PENTECOST   By Sister Zoe Ellen McClure   A sound came  Rushing, whistling,  Sonic booming  Then sudden stillness  Like a hurricane’s eye  They were in it!    And fire came alive  Overhead and brighting   Shining fearful consoling  They looked  They saw  Tongues of fire  Over one another  Is there one over me?    Then came power  And fearless energy  And [...]