Donor Recognition & Appreciation

Thank You

In 2017, more than 3,600 generous people, foundations, and businesses donated $1.9 million to our Sisters of St. Francis. We are grateful for your support, which helps ensure that our sisters can continue in ministry, and that we can care for our sisters who have retired to a life of community and prayer.

In recognition of all our supporters, our 2017 Benefactor Honor Roll is below.

If you would like to support our sisters, you can make a gift today by mail or online.

To discuss planning a gift in your lifetime or through your estate, contact the Mission Advancement representative in your area. .

If you have questions regarding our 2017 Benefactor Honor Roll, please contact Jodi Hagan at 315.634.7015 or

2017 Benefactor Honor Roll

St. Francis Society members are marked by *

A Friend (124)
2121 Main Street Pharmacy
Ms. Mary Celine Aaron
Mr. and Mrs. James Abate
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Abbott*
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Abbott
Able Associates
Gary Abraham
Richard Abramski
Mrs. Penny Abulencia
Dal and Cathleen Ackerman
Rev Michael Ackerman
Mrs. Cynthia Adamowsky
Mrs. Marjorie Adams
Mr. Robert Adams
Gary and Catherine Adler
Mr. Ralph Adolf
Mr. and Mrs. James Adsit
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Syracuse
Tom and Kay Agnello
Lilanne M. Agostinella
Ms. Martina Aguinaldo
Mr. and Mrs. John Ah Chick, Jr.
Audrey Ah Sing
Rev Robert Ahlin
Antoinette Aiello
Ms. Barbara J. Aitken
Mrs. Theresa M. Albert
Dale and Dorothy Albright
Mrs. Rosa M. Aleman
Thomas and Katherine Alessi
Alexander & Catalano, LLC
Mrs. Nancy Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Alff*
Mr. Ian J. Allan
Mrs. Anne Allegro
Deborah L. Allen
Joseph W. Allen and Patricia O’Connor-Allen*
Terry and Ann Turner Allen
James and Elizabeth Allwein
Ms. Jean Almeter
Alumni Association St. Francis Medical Center School of Nursing
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Alviti
Joanne M. Amato
American Endowment Foundation
American Telecom Corporation of PA
Amherst Collision Inc.
John and Deborah Amodio
Frank and Rebecca Amthor
Ms. Nancy R. Anchor
Ancient Order of Hibernians, Inc.
Keith and Ellen Andersen
Lorraine Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Anderson
Dr. and Mrs. Brian Anderson*
Ms. Nancy G. Anderson
Ms. Anna Andrade
Helen Andreas
Mr. Randall Andreozzi
Mildred Andres
Norman and Maureen Andrzejewski
Mrs. Mary Ann Andrzejewski
Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Andrzejewski
Randy and Susan Anger
Ms. Joan Ansbrow
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Anspach
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Anstett
Mrs. and Mrs. Arthur E. Anthony
Juliana Anthony
Mrs. Mary Anne Antkowiak
Thomas and Pamela Antonini
Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Antonini*
Paula Appleton*
Lauren Aramini
Maria Araujo
Ms. Vivian Araujo
Mrs. Elizabeth Arcuri
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Argentieri
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Arilotta*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Arnold
Patricia I. Ashby
Sidney and Shirley Ashkin
Mr. Thomas G. Ashmore
Ms. Elizabeth Assaf
Michael and Tina Assimon
Tom Astburg
Elizabeth Astridge
Mrs. Patricia Athans
Attilio’s Restaurant
Jacqueline Aul
Mrs. Theresa Auletta
Chris and Jay Auses
Barbara Ausman
Avalon Nursing Center
Scott and Louise Avery
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Babcock
Carol A. Bachstein
Bob Backo
Potenciana and Rodolfo Badan
Mr. Robert E. Badding
Reinaldo and Lucrina Badua
Donald Baer
Dorothy and Robert Baetzhold
Mrs. Beatrice Bagley
Mr. and Mrs. John Baichi
Ms. Patricia Bailey
Darlene Bailey
Lorenna Baker
Ms. Bernice Balderama
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Balk
Mr. Thomas Balkin
Terena Ball
Karen M. Ball
Barbara Balog
Mr. Noel Balthasar
Ms. Joanne Barba
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Barbasch
Mrs. Jo Bargnes
Mr. Peter Barilla
Kathleen Barker
Barbara Barletta
Carol J. Barletta
Mr. D. Richard Barletta
Frank and Jean Barletta
Ann Barnett
Janice G. Barone
Bill Barr
Joseph and Blanche Barresi
Ms. Pauline Barrick
Christopher and Deborah Barron
John and Patricia Bartholomae
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bartokvich
Mary Bartolac
Mrs. Violet H. Bartoli
Florence Bartorillo
Donald and Karen Bartz
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Baschnagel
Miss Kathleen Basher
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Basirico
Margaret and James Basista
Pete and Michelle Basista*
Deirdre M. Bastible
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bator
Ms. Eileen I. Batt
Anne Battaglia
Richard and Margaret Bauer
Kimberly M. Baughan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Baum
Ms. Judith A. Bauman
Ms. Gail E. Baumgarten
Frances Bavoso
Dr. Jacqueline Bays
Joan and Paul Beaton
Mrs. Anna Marie Beck
Gretchen Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Becker
Garry and Dawn Becker
Mrs. Jean Becker
Marian Becker
Mrs. Marilyn Begin
Jane Begley
Regina and Russell Behary
Bernadette Behary
Ms. Patricia Jordan Beierl
Ms. Mary A. Beilman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beiswanger, Jr.
Ms. Mary T. Belden
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Belko
Eugene and Patricia Bellis
Reverend David Bellittiere
Constance Belsi
Ms. Lenore M. Belzer*
Howard & Grayce Bendixen Memorial Trust
Denise A. Bennerson
Marie A. Bennett
Susan and William Benson
Janice and Gerard Bent*
Ms. Shirl Bent
Ms. Karen Benz
Berdan Support Fund
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Bergan
Ms. Susan W. Bergemann
Joan Berger
Ms. Mary Ann Berger
Thomas and Amy Bergman
Dr. and Mrs. William P. Berkery*
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Bernacki
Mrs. Judith Berner
Ron and Pamela Bertha
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Berthelot
Ms. Catherine Bertini
Cheryl Besant
John J. Besch
Laura Beyer
John and Barbara Beyer
Sam and Joan Biasucci
Mark and Patricia Bibro
Mr & Mrs. George Bich*
Nancy Bichler
Mary Lou Bichler
Florence Biel and Susan Owczarczak
Barbara J. Bieniak
Mr. Matthew Bierl
Reverend William R. Bigelow
Rev. Msgr. Ronald Bill
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Binder
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Biondo
Jane Birdsall
Amy Bistline
Mr. Alex Bitterman*
Thomas and Mary Lou Bitterman
Marilyn Bittner
Mrs. Patricia Bittner
Ed Bittner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Bixler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Black
Mr. and Mrs. Alan P. Blackburn
Kiley Blackman
Ms. Christa Blain
Dr. and Mrs. James Blanchfield
Mr. David Blaufuss
James Blayden
Linda M. Blaze
Blessed Sacrament Church
Mr. and Mrs. John Blest
Ms. Marian Bleyle
Ken Blinn and Marilynn Martin
James and Maria Bliss
Mr. Israel D. Bliss
Marie Grace Blum
Peggy Boast
Christine K. Bocchiaro
Ms. Joan Boersma*
Mr. Jack Bognaski
Joan Boland
Mr. Patrick Boland
Dr. Lester Bolanovich
Alan Bolyard
Bombard-Cavanaugh Financial Group of Wells Fargo Advisors
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Bombard
Ms. Rita M. Bonaccio
The Bonadio Group
Margaret Bond
Father David Bonnar
Barbara Bontempo
Ms. C. Angela Bontempo
Mr. and Mrs. Bud Booth
Craig Borchardt
Sharyan Borgen
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Borres
Judy and Leonard Borzynski
Ms. Sheryl Bos
Loretta Boselovic
Ms. Patricia Bosinski
Istvan J. and Carole Botos*
Richard Botti
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Botty
Mr. Brad Bowden
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bowdish
Margaret Bowhall
Tammy and Gregory Bowser
Patricia Boxwell
Ms. Barbara A. Boyd
Ms. Kathleen Boyea
Nancy Boyle
Mrs. Dolores A. Brachmann
Mrs. Lucille Brachmann
Anita M. Bradford
Mr. Jeffrey R. Bradley
Julia and Thomas L. Bradley
Bradley’s Jewelers
Mr. Edward Brandl
Ms. Rose M. Brandt
Brady Brandt
Edward Brandt*
Frank Brandt*
Mrs. Augusta K. Brannen
Mr. Bill Branson
Mr. and Mrs. Francis G. Braun
Ms. Judith A. Braun
Kenneth and Joan Brauner
Sandra Braungard
Howard Braungart
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Braunscheidel
Reverend Donald P. Breier
Mrs. Patricia M. Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. William Brennan
Alison and Daniel Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. John Brennan
Mr. William H. Brennan Esq.
Brenntag Global Marketing
Steven and Jacqueline Bressette
Joyce and Robert Brewster
Lois Jean Breznai
Ella Briand
William N. Brick, Jr.
Mr. Eric R. Brienzo
Rev. Msgr. Paul Brigandi
Mrs. Virginia Brison
Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Britt
Judith Brockway
Ms. Alice Brogan
Brookline Development Company, LLC
Ms. Anne Laura P. Brosnahan
Mrs. Rita Brossett
Denise Broughton
Brown & Brown Empire State
Mrs. Arline H. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. David Brown
Ms. Eileen Brown
Marla Brown
Pilar Brown and Don Laird
Kevin Bryans
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Brzuszkiewicz
Mr. Grady Buchan*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Buchta
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buckley
Ms. Carol A. Buckley
Loretta Buczek
Grace Marie Budd
Paul R. Budniewski
Robert M. Budniewski
Mr. & Mrs. Terrance Buechel
Dr. Robert L. Bull Jr.
Ms. Patricia A. Bullard
Patricia Burchill
Suzanne Burczyk
Cheryl A. Burg
Barbara Burgess
Eric and Lu Ann Burghardt
Ronald and Blanka Burgo
Richard and Beverly Burgundy
Susan Burkard
Ms. Diane Burke
Barbara and Edmund Burke*
Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Burke
Ms. Shirley Burkhardt
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Burn*
Mrs. Rita Burn
Janet Burns
J. Bracken and Kathryn Burns
Burns Brothers Concrete Construction, Corp.
Douglas R. Burns, Jr.
Mr. James C. Burns*
Jean Burns
Johanne H. Burns
William Burrows
James Burrows and Stephanie Wolf
Rosa Buscaglia
Mrs. Carmela Buscarino
Teresa Bushinger
Mrs. Elizabeth L. Bushnell
Marguerite Butler
James R. Butler
Mrs. Janet Butson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Butterfield
Mrs. Joan Byrne
Helen H. Byrnes
Margaret and Lawrence Byrnes
Dr. and Mrs. Peter M. Byron
Linda and James Bytnar
C&C Redevelopment LLC
C&S Companies
C.H. Insurance Brokerage Services, Inc.
Dr. Michael F. Cadin
Kathleen Cahill
Mrs. Marcia Cahill*
Mr. Gregory J. Cain and Mrs. Sheila M. Gervase-Cain
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Calagiovanni
Georgette K. Caldeira
Joseph Caloia
Joy Calva
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Cambareri
Dave Camerota
Vincent and Livia Cammarano
Ms. Kimmi Campagna
Rev. Msgr. James F. Campbell
The George H., Lillian S., & Mary S. Campbell Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Campbell
Ms. Dorothy Campbell
Lawrence and Frances Campbell*
Mrs. Martha Campbell
Mrs. Rhonda Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Rolland Campbell
William R. Campbell
Ms. Mary Ellen Campiere
Mr. Pasquale Candela
Mrs. Mary F. Cannon
Jean Canyock*
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Canzoneri
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Caola
Anne Capani
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Capilli
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Capozzi
Mrs. Mary C. Capponi
Mr. Peter J. Capponi, IV
Todd Caputo*
Ms. Janet A. Carbery
Carbon Steel Inspection, Inc.
Brian Cardis
Mr. Robert Cardner
Deb Carey
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Carey
Amelia Marie and Lawrence Carlin
Robin A. Carlisi
Donald and Joni Carlo*
Ms. Lynn Carlomagno-Duggan
Robert and Joanne Carlson
Carnegie Cafe and Catering Company
Donald and Virginia Carnegie
Edward C. Carney
Ronald and Susan Carr
Toni and Wallace Carr
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Carrick
Lawrence D. Carrico
Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Carson
Carter Funeral Home, Inc.
Michael Cartini
Alice Caruso
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Casarsa
Laverna Casebeer
Miss Maureen B. Casey
Thomas P. Casey
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald N. Casillo
Wendi and Tim
Rochelle Cassella
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Cassetta
Diana Casteel
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Castrello
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Castrianno
Mr. James Casucci
Michael Catalano
Catania Orthodontics
Cathedral Candle Company
Catholic Charities of Onondaga County
Catholic Cemeteries, Inc.
Ginetta Cavallo
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. Cavallo
Susan Cavanaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Cavanaugh
Mrs. Karen Caveny
Corinne Cavlovic
Paul and Kelli Cavo
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cecchini
Mrs. Josephine O. Celio
Central New York Infusion Services, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ceppaglia
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Cercone
Ms. Kathryn Cerio
Mrs. Annette Cerrone
Josephine Certo*
Natalie Certo*
Lydia Cessna
Mrs. Mary Ann Chambers
Elizabeth M. Chanelli
Mr. Jeffrey J. Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Charles
David and Jeanine Chatt
Raymond and Gail Chenez
Marian Chermack
William Cherup
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Chick
Dr. Claudia E. Chiesi
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh
Patrick and Nina Chiles
Ms. Suzanne Ching
Mr. Herman Y.W. Chong
Deacon Roland and Mrs Catherine Choo
Dr. and Mrs. Chester Chorazy
Ms. Therese Choy
Christ the King Retreat and Conference Center
Christian Brothers Academy
Sonya T. Christopher
Ms. Barbara Chronik
Michelle and Kenneth Chrzanowski
Chudy Paper Co Inc.
Ms. Myrna P. Chun-Hoon
Ms. Hermina G. Church and Ms. Hermina J. Church
Church of the Assumption
Church of the Immaculate Conception
Dina Ciabattoni
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cibirka
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Cichon
Mr. and Mrs. Francis C. Cichy
Constance M. Cieri
Rosalie G. Ciminelli
Ms. Gloria G. Cimitile
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ciravolo
Kimberly and Joseph Cirillo
City Theatre Company
Mrs. Audrey C. Clare
David Clark
John Clark
Kathleen H. Clark
Robert Clark
Robert P. Clark
Gary and Mary Clarke
Kevin and Tammy Cleary
Richard Clements
Betty and John Cline
Ms. Marianne Clough and\ Mr. John J. Fuller
Robert and Deanna Clouse
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Clouse*
CNY Associates
CNY Community Foundation
Ms. Suzanne M. Coffey
Mr. Robert Coffey
Gerard J. Coffta
Ms. Mary Rita Cole
Ms. Betty Colella and Ms. Marie Colella
Joseph Coleman
Ruth and Larry Coleman
Robert and Juanita Collet
Todd and Kelly Collier
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Collins
Maureen E. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Collins
Ms. Sandra Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Donald N. Colucci
Mr. Francis M. Colwell, Jr.
Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta
The Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties, Inc
Component Related Technologies Inc.
The Concord Advisory Group, Inc.
Barbara J. Conley
Mr. and Mrs. F. Henry Connelly,
Mrs. Bonnie Connery
Mrs. Mary E. Connor
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Connors
Jeanne T. Conrad
Mr. and Mrs. John Conroy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Conroy
John Conroy
Consolata Society for Foreign Missions
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Constas*
Antoinetta Contarin
Mr. Robert Conte
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Conti
Ms. Jeanne S. Contino
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Convertino, Jr.
Phil and Nancy Conway
Denise Conway
Lawrence and Mary Cook
Maureen Cooley
Mrs. Alanna R. Cooley
Michael Coon
Ms. Carolyn Coons
Carmen Cooper
Mr. John C. Coppola
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Corapi
Ms. Janet Corbett
Gloria Corcoran
Mrs. Janice Corcoran
Denise Cordone
Lauren Corigliano
Carolyn Cornelius
Deborah A. Corpus
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Correa, Sr.
Mrs. Mary Ellen Corso
Ronald and Patricia Carole Cortes
Mrs. Mary Ann Cortez
Ms. Mary Corulli
Lucille Costello
Martha Costello
Ms. Jerilyn Costich
Ms. Maureen M. Couche
Marilyn Covert
Mrs. Rosemary Coyne*
Mr. W. Carroll Coyne
Michael Cozad
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Craig*
Stephen and Faith Craig
Scott Craig
William Crawford
Robert and Antoinette Cray
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Creamer
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Creenan
Patrick Cregan
William Crist
Cristoforo Colombo Society
Dr. and Mrs. Victor Croglio
Janet Crook
Mrs. Margaret Crook
Estate of Jean M. Crotty*
Ms. Kathleen Crouch
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crowley
Ms. Moria Crowley
Mary Lou Crowley
Michelle Crowley
CSX Foundation
CSX Transportation
June C. Cucinotta
Catherine Cudworth
James and Pat Cuglewski
Cheryl Cuglewski
Richard and Kathleen Culkin
Steve and Mary Cummings
Colleen Cunningham
Carol A. Cupelo
Cura Hospitality
Curtin Law Firm PC
Mrs. Patricia M. Curtin
Mr. John P. Curtin
Patricia Curtin
Alan E. Curtis
Dr. and Mrs. Brian G. Cushing
M. Jay and Antoinette Cyphers
Patricia Czar
Mr. William E. Czelusniak
Stan Czternastek
Mr. Ted Czulewicz
Robert and Dolores Dahar
Mr. David Daigler
Ms. Eleanor Daigler
Dr. Mary Ann and Jacob Dailey
Thomas and Faith Dale
D’Alessandro Funeral Home
Ms. Maureen Daley
Michael and Elizabeth Daly
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D’Amato
Carmen D’Ambrosio
Ms. Kimberly C. Damian
Mr. Ettore P. Damiani, Jr.
Ronald S. D’Amico, D.P.M.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Damico
Ronald Damico
Victor Damico
Ms. Diane Daminski
Mrs. Therese Dancks
Mrs. Joanne P. Dane
Francia N. Danosos
D’Arcangelo & Co., LLP
Jeffrey A. Darrey
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dashineau
Ms. Shirley Daugherty
Patricia Davey
Matt and Suzanne Davidson
Stella K. Davis
Mrs. Ramona Davis
Kelly Davis
Mrs. Patricia Ann Davis
Ms. Patricia De Mello
Mrs. Marisela De Victoria
Mary S. Deakyne
Christine and Lee Deamicis
Richard and Sandra Dean
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur DeAngelis
Paul DeArment
Kimberly DeBaene
Lou and Andrea DeBergalis
Kathleen Debiase
Ann and Don DeCarbo
Leonard DeCarlo
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Deckman
Mr. Richard J. Decosta
Debra and Michael DeCourcy
James J. Dee
Mr. John Dee*
Sally Dee
Ms. Therese A. Deegan
David M. DeFelice
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent DeFelice
Col. and Mrs. Daniel DeGracia
Ms. Patricia DeGray
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Deinhart
Mrs. Barbara Delaney
Lorraine Deleski
Ms. Linda Delia
Mrs. Patricia Dellapietra
Ms. Laurie DeMare
Phyllis DeMark
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Demlein
David and Janice Demmerley
Mr. Felix DeMott
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Denesha Jr.
Rev. Dale E. DeNinno
Ms. Kathleen M. Denning
Ms. Maureen J. Dennis-Apollon*
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest P. DePalmo
Annamae and John Depellegrini
Dermody, Burke & Brown CPAs, LLC
John and Constance DeRosia
Major Kenneth A. Derschug*
Mr. Mark DeRubeis
Mr. Anthony DeSalvo*
Mr. Thomas DeSantis
Dr. Eric M. and Shrilekha M. Deshaies*
David J. DeSilva
Ms. Diana J. DeSimone
Mr. Gerard A. DeSimone
Ms. Louise Mary Dessert
Ms. Joanne DeStefano
Maria Devera, M.D.
Mrs. Margaret Devine
Mrs. Susan Devine
Judith A. Dewald
Mark Dexter
Jane Di Salvo
Paula Diantonio
Jose Diaz
Joanne J. DiBattiste
Ms. Lorraine DiBello
Skip and Margaret DiCamillo
Victor and Delia DiCarlo
Mr. and Mrs. John Dick
Ms. Natalie N. Dickinson
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. DiDomenico, Jr.
Mark DiDomenico
Mrs. Judith F. Diebold
Mrs. Gerda Diederik
Mrs. Marilyn Diegelman
Audrey Diethorn
Ms. Marguerite Diffee
Mrs. Patricia DiFlorio
John Digesare and Marilyn Ringwood
Ms. Kathleen DiGiore
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Diglio
DiLauros Bakery & Pizza Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Dillen
Ms. Patricia Dillenschneider
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Dillon
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond DiLucia
Ms. Judith Dimeo
Ms. Angeline Dimicco
Ms. Ann DiNapoli
Ms. Mary DiNatale
Deborah A. DiNiro
Diocese of Buffalo
Mr. and Mrs. Ignacio Dionisio
Mrs. Lois Dischinger
Ms. Dona E. Dise
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Dispenza, M.D.
Divine Child Guild
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dixon
Mrs. Dorothy Doane
Judy A. Dobies
Ms. Mary Jane Dobinski
Deacon and Mrs. Robert A. Dobmeier
Mrs. Rita Dobrick
Mrs. Marlene Dockendorf
Harry and Georganne Dodge
Mrs. Laura Dodge
Barbara Doerfler
Linda and Bill Dohn
Ms. Kathleen M. Dolan
Norma A. Dollard
Mrs. Norma Dollard
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Dolph
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Dombroski
Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Dominesey
Patricia J. Dominesey
Carol and David Dominicis
Ira L. Domser, D.D.S.
Mary F. Donahue
Marion Donas
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Donius*
Mrs. Mary Ann Donnelly
Jerome Donovan
Kathleen Doody
Robert Dooley
Dopkins & Company, LLP
George and Eileen Dorman*
William and Jody Dowdall
Ms. Jane M. Dowdell
Rev. Msgr. Joseph M. Dowdell
Ruth Downs
Downtown Dental Syracuse
Mrs. Virginia Doyle*
Janet Doyle
Mr. James Doyle
Margaret Doyle
Ann Doyle
Susan Dozsa
Eileen Drake
Howard A. Drescher Foundation
Mr. John Drescher*
Mrs. Lucinda Drescher*
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Drescher
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dreyfus
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Drnevich
David and Suzanne Drozdiel
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Dryden*
Mrs. Barbara Dubiel
Adam and Tracy Duerr
Joan and Jonathan Duff
Frederick Duffy, Jr.
Jean Duke
Ms. Christine Dumphrey
Dunk & Bright Furniture
Martin Dunn
Gregory Dunn
Mr. Mark L. Dunn
Richard and Lorene Duquin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Duran
Mrs. Tracy L. Durkin
Mr. Thomas Duvauchelle
Michael Dwyer
Ms. Anita Dwyer*
Ms. Janice Dyball
Frances Dybdahl
Pauline and Stephen Dyson
Carol Ann and Denis Dzielski
Theodore Dzura
Eagle Systems
Candida C. Eason
Lois Easterday
Eastern Managed Print Network, LLC
Caroline Eastment, M.D.
Mr. Carlos Echevarria*
Ms. Marceline Ecker
Eckert Seamans
Mr. and Mrs. Dale J. Eckl
Ray & Kay Eckstein Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Edelstein
Raymond and Mary Margaret Edler
Valerie and Brent Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Edwards
Ms. Mary Egan
Mr. Richard Egan
Daniel and Rachel Egan
Peter Egloff
William and Nancy Eidle
Michelle and Eric Eisenhauer
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ekau
Elevator Maintenance of Buffalo, Inc.
Mrs. Kathleen Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. William Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Ellis
Mr. Frank Elmo
Elsbeth Rose East
Elves For Education
Emerald Resources, Inc.
Susan Emerson
Mr. James Emm
Emmanuel Family Practice PC
Mrs. Rosemarie Emmi
Empower Federal Credit Union
Enchanted Life Foundation
Ellen and Jeffrey M Engel
Linda English
William and Nancy Erdman
The Eric Ryan Corporation
Dr. and Mrs. James C. Erickson III
Robert and Elizabeth Erker
Mary C. Ernest
Walter Eshelman
Karen Eshenbaugh
Mr. Victor Esposito
Ms. Mary Ann Esposito
Valerie Estrada
Ernest and Sheila Etoll
Jeffrey R. Evans
James and Renee Evans*
Michael K. Everett*
Elizabeth and Thomas Everett
Mrs. Rita Ewers
Excellus BlueCross BlueShield
Mr. Timothy Ezzo
Tamela Fabiano
Rev. Msgr. Charles J. Fahey*
Joan Fairbanks
Mrs. Catherine Fairchild*
Fairclough & Co., LLC
Falcone Associates Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Falge
Rosemarie Faraci
Karen and Wilson Farmerie
Ms. Carol I. Farrell
Mr & Mrs. Thomas D. Farrell
Carol Anne and Eugene Farrell
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Farrell
Dr. Elaine Farrell
Mr. Richard Farrell
Ms. Ann Farrelly
Helen and William Fassinger
Reverend Gregory M. Faulhaber
Ms. Roberta Fawcett
Faxton-St. Luke’s Healthcare
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Fear*
Federated Investors Foundation, Inc.
Federico’s Auto Body
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Feehan
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Feldman
Michael and Arlene Feldmeier
Mrs. Donna E. Feller
Florence C. Felt
Mrs. and Mrs. Edward P. Feneziani*
Joanna H. Ferguson
Carol and Richard Ferguson
Mr. Gregory Fernandez
Ms. Sebastiana Fernandez
Mrs. Joan M. Ferrara
Mrs. Sandy Fetter
Ms. Margaret Fetterman
Ms. JoAnn Feuz
Mr. Anthony Fiacco
Mr. Joseph Fiacco, Jr.
Ms. Harriette Fields
Michael V. Figliolia and Stephanie A. Pajak
Gemma and Jack Filip
Frank Filipcic
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Filippi
Ms. Doris Filisko
Miss Joyce E. Fink
James and Rita Finn
Suzanne T. Finnegan
Mr. Ferdinand Fiore
Cathy Fiore
John and Patricia Fiorella
Mrs. Margaret Fiorito
First Steps Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Inc.
Mary and Richard Fischer
Susan A. Fischer and Richard Galligan
Mary Ann and John Fisher
Cecelia Fitzgerald
Mrs. Sally A. Fitzpatrick
Richard Fitzpatrick
Michael T. Flaherty PhD
Robert Flask
Julie Fleck
Judy Fleischel
Joseph and Mary Ann Fletcher
Mary E. Flickinger
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Flint
Ellen Flock
Mr. Walter J. Floss, Jr.
David Lee and S. Marlene Fogle
Michael & Mary Kay Foit
Mary Joan Foresti
Mrs. Judy Fort
Mr. Lawrence Forte
Ms. Mary F. Fortino
Mr. John Fortune
Mr. and Mrs. H. Burton Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Deane A. Foster
Coleen M. Fox
Mrs. Anna Marie Fragnito
Mrs. Doris B. Frainier
Ms. Mary P. Frainier
Jo Ann Francher
Francis House, Inc.
Franciscan Companies
Franciscan Hermitage
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Franjoine
Mrs. Bernadine M. Frank
Frank and Frances Revoir Foundation
Eileen Franz
Joyce and Louis Fratangelo
Ann Fravel
Ms. Kathleen Frawley
Mr. and Mrs. Corey Fredrickson
Peter and Carol Freeman
Karen and William Freeman
Frank and Marion Freidhoff*
Haley L. French
Mr. Michael J. Frenza
Martha H. Frey
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Frey*
Ms. Maria D. Freymann
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Friedman
Joan Frieh
Ms. Phyllis Frierson
Mrs. Loretta Fries
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Fritz*
Mrs. Marilyn A. Fritz
Ms. Sylvia Fritz
Robert Froehlich
Marian Fry
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Frymoyer*
Frank B. Fuhrer Wholesale Company
Michele and Bill Fuller
Ms. Jennie C. Fullone
Ms. Madonna Funk
Sarah Furka
Mrs. Colleen Furlong
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fusco
Adele and William Fussner*
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fust
Mrs. Catherine M. Gainey
Matthew J. Galando
Deacon and Mrs. Keith A. Galang
Ms. Dolores M. Galantowicz
The Galasso Foundation
Sophie Galini
Mrs. Maria V. Galka
Gallatin Energy Corporation
Teresa Gallo
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Gallo
Ms. Lauren Galucki Hoade
Dennis and Barbara Galucki
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Galucki
Susanne M. Gampp
Dr. and Mrs. Algirdas Gamziukas
Ms. Margaret A. Ganey
Mr. and Mrs. George Gangloff
John and Rosemary Gangloff
Andy Gans
Ms. Antoinette Gantos
GAR Associates
Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Garbinski
Frank and Kathleen Garger
Reverend James Garvey
Corinne E. Gaskins
Gateway Rehabilitation Center
Ms. Felicia R. Gawron
Faith B. Gaylord
Andrew W. Gearhart
William Geary and Ms. Sandra J. Geary
June Geary
Mr. Norman F. Gee
Stanley Geier
Marlene and Carl Geier
Mr. George Gelsomin
Rosemary Gemperle
Ms. Mary R. Gempka
Anita E Genecco
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Gensler
Jean Gentilcore
Anne Gentile
Mr. Carmen Gentile
Gentile Family
Gerald E. Gentile & Amy Kenyon
Joseph and Sharon Gentile
Ann Marie and Ronald George
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas George
Ms. Rose M. George
Laurie and Joe Gerardi
Sister Mary Louise Gerber
Ed and Barbara Gerber
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Gerwitz
William and MaryAnn Gething
Chuck Getty
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Giacobbi
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Giallella
Mrs. Naureen Giambattista
Ms. Nancy Giamberardino
Albert Giannino
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gibbons
Mr. Michael Gibbons
Mr. John J. Gibson
Genevieve Giczkowski
Ms. Dorothy Gietl
Ms. Ann C. Gilabert
Mr. James F. Gill
Jennie M. Gillette
Ms. Rosemary Gillman
Evelyn Ging
Gingerbread House Preschool & Day Care Center
Mr. and Ms. Anthony J. Giordano
Francis Giovanniti
Ms. Mary Giroux
Edward &. Jennifer Girzone
Clara Giuffre
Frank and Sarah Giuffreda
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Glass
Ann Gleeson
Dr. and Mrs. George Gleeson
Mrs. Sharon Glenn
Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Gloekler
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Glomb
Mrs. Cynthia Gloss
Christopher and Michelle Glynn
James and Mary Glynn*
Linda Gmitter
Leslie Godisart Bosco
Doreen Goetz
Ms. Rosemary K. Goldbach
John and Sharon Goldhawk
Mr. and Mrs. John Golombek
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Gonzalez*
Ms. Philomena Goodeve
Lawrence and Clarice Goodheart*
Joan Gorman
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gorny
Mr. and Mrs. William Gottschall
Estate of Albert F. Gottstein*
Jim Gottstine
Mr. and Mrs. James Goulet
Bill Graczyk
Ms. Elizabeth Grady
Mr. and Mrs. Werner Graf
Graham, Newton & McMahon, Inc.
Ed Graham
Joan Gramza
Ms. Lynette Grandits
Gerald and Judith Grant
Gary and Debbie Gravener
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gray
Eleanor and James Gray
Ms. Mary V. Greaney*
Jean Greb
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Greco
Robert and Susan Greco
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Greco
Almerinda and Frank Greco
Dr. Frank Greco
Robert J. Greek
Edward P. and Marilyn Gale Green
Thomas and Barbara Greene
W. H. Greene Foundation
Ms. Eleanor Green-Pulvirenti
Ms. Susan K. Gregg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gregorka
Mr. Frank Gregory
Ms. Kathleen Gregory-Salvo
Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Gress
Ms. Catherine Gress
Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Gress
Jennifer and Alexander Gress
Mr. Richard Gress
Paula and Anthony Gribble
Mr. Theodore M. Grichuhin*
Mr. Roy P. Griesmann
Lawrence Griffin
Ms. Catherine J. Griffin
Constance M. Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. H. Stuart Grim
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Grisanti
GRO Enterprises, Inc DBA Jeram Marketing
Mr. Jim Grosjean
Mr. Clement F. Gross, III
Gerard and Kathleen Gross
Robert and Diane Grossman
Dr. and Mrs. Sukhdev Grover
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Grubka
Charmaine Grunenwald
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Gryta
Phyllis Grzersks
Christine Grzyb
Cletus and Mary Gualtieri
Mr. & Mrs. George J. Guentner
Joseph and Pat Guerra
Lynn Guerra
Mr. Robert Gugino, Sr.
Ms. Toni M. Guidice
Linda Guiler*
Deacon and Mrs. Guinaugh
John and Gina Guldenschuh
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Guttman
Jerome and Mary Haas*
Gregory and Theresa Haas
Mr. Richard G. Hach*
Mr. and Mrs. Errol V. Hackenberg*
George A. Hackett
Katherine and Michael Hadano*
Mr. Joseph Hadrych
Judy Hagan
John Hagan
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hage
Susan Hagedorn
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hagelberger
Alice Hahn
William Hahn
Thomas and Nancy Hahn
Cynthia Haines
Rita L. Hake
Lillian and Leon Halat
Clayton H. Hale, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David Hall
Mrs. Linda S. Hall
William and Mary Lou Hallatt
Ms. Diane Haller
Mrs. Kathleen L. Halpin
Mrs. Ann Hamilton
Robert and Evelyn Hamilton*
Hancock Estabrook, LLP
Ms. Mary Ann Hanifan
Ms. Linda Hankel
Steve and Ginny Hanley
Irene Hanlon
Julia S. Hannan
Charles Hannigan
Ms. Margaret L. Hanrahan
Dr. and Mrs. James B. Hanshaw
Joseph Hanyak
Ms. Winifred Harada*
Mrs. Carmella Hardesty
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R. Hardesty
Mark and Christina Harding
Gerald and Sara Hardner
Ms. Barbara M. Hargrave
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hargraves
Kathleen Harig
Mr. Richard L. Harper Jr.
Mr. James Harris
Ms. Mary E. Harris and Ms. Karen Vastola
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Harrison
Kathleen M. Harrison
Laurie Hart
Ruth Hart, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hart
Mrs. Yvonne Hart
Eileen Hartle
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hartman
Laureen and Jack Hartman
Gertrude Hartnett
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Hartnett
Ms. Kristen Hartnett
Ms. Maureen Hartnett
Mr. Lee Hartung
Jeffrey and Linda Hartwiger
Ms. Gail Marie Haseley
Carol J. Hasenohr
Ms. Susan M. Hashimoto
Mr. John E. Haslinger
Mrs. Jean Hastie
Linda Hauberg
Christine Haunschild
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hausladen
Ms. Arlene Hayes
Ms. Barbara Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hayes
Nadine Hayes
Mr. Russell Hayes
Headrick Elevator Company
Tom and Ann Healey
Healthcare Council of Western PA
Ms. Mary Joanne Healy
Mrs. Elizabeth J. Heaney
Hearth Management
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Heath*
Amy and Tom Heatherington
Mrs. Carol D. Hebert
Mr. and Mrs. David Hector
Barbara and Dave Hegenbarth
John Heher Family Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Hehir
Audrey Heilman
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Heinhold
William and Laura Heinz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Heist
Gina Heitzman
Nancy and Joe Hejaily
Nicholas Hejaily
Elizabeth Heldron
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Helenbrook
Mr. Stephen T. Helmer
Barbara Hemmerlein
Ellen M. Hemmerlein
Theresa and William Hempel
Ms. Christina Hemphill
Mr. Herbert W. Hennings
Henry Rossi & Co
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Herberger
Ms. Mary Herbst
Ms. Ann M. Hergenroder
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Herlan
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Herlihy
Mr. Hubert Herold*
Theodore Herold
Edward Herrick*
Robert Hertz
Mr. and Mrs. James Hesburgh
Mrs. Mary G. Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Heulitt
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Hezel
Arlene M. Hibschweiler
Ms. Rita Hibschweiler
Ms. Pamela M. Hicks
Ms. Barbara A. Higgins
Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
Ms. Beverly Hill
Gloria Hill
Jane M. Hillenbrand
Marvin and Donna Hillman
George and Donna Hinchcliff
Elaine and John Hite
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hitzges
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hitzges
Rolf and Theresa Hjalmarson
Marion Hnat
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hoag
Dorothy Hobart
Mr. Thomas Hobart
Mr. and Mrs. David Hobbs
Ms. Cecelia J. Hoch
Mr. and Mrs. John Hodgetts
Natalie A. Hoerner
Mrs. Beth L. Hoey
Paul and Susan Hoffman*
Bernadette Hoffmann
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Hoffmann
Francis and Barbara Hogan
Mrs. Elaine G. Hogenkamp
Rev. Robert J. Hohenstein
Mr. William Hohmann
Mrs. Mary Clare Hohmann*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holbrook
James and Elizabeth Holcombe
Patricia and James Holden
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Holler
Mr. Raymond L. Holler*
Kathleen Holliday
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Holmberg
Ryan Holmes
Holy Family Church
Holy Shirt!
Holy Spirit Church
Dr. Elmer Holzinger*
Home Depot # 4139
Margaret J. Honan
Mr. Gerald T. Hooley
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hoolihan
Mr. James A. Hoppe
Susan Horn
Hospice of CNY
Stacey M. Hotaling
Pamela Houghton
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Houlahan
Catherine and Paul Houle
Elizabeth Houlihan
Julie Hounan
Mrs. Bernadette Howard
Dr. James and Mrs. Joan Howard
Michael and Billie Howard
Patricia E. Howell
Matt Hreha
Matthew and Theresa Hriczko
Matthew T. Huber*
Nancy J. Hudak
Mr. and Mrs. John Hudson
Paul Hudson
Dr. Lori Hudzinski
Hueber-Breuer Construction Co., Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Huefner*
Mr. and Mrs. Heinrich Huegerich
Mary C. Huerbin
Dolores Hufnagel
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Hufnagel
Jean Hufnagel
Mr. James Hughes
Norma and Dennis Hughes
Mr. Christopher Hull
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hundt
Mary R. Hundycz
Mr. George J. Hunter
Peter and Mary Huntington
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hurley Jr
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hurley
Janet Hyrb
Adesta Hytha
Frances Bertone Iafolla
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Idzik
Patrick Ignatius M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Claude P. Imagna, Jr.
Mrs. Jeannette Imagna
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Imbagliazzo
Walter and Shirley Imhoff
Immaculate Conception Women’s Group
Immaculate Conception Church School
Anne M. Immekus
Jack Infield
Ms. Josephine A. Inserra
William and Barbara Irwin
Diane Isenhart
Ms. Cynthia Iversen
Jamie and Kathleen Iverson
Lawrence M. Iwanski
J. Knipper and Company, Inc.
J. W. Burns & Company Investment Counsel
Joanne and Larry Jackowiak
Mr. Matthew Jacob
Mr. Raymond B. Jacoby
Ms. Joan Jagelle
Joan Jahnige
George and Mary Jakabcsin
Harvey and Alyce James
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. James
Lila Mae James
Hayley Jameson
Allen and Grace Janiga
Pat Jankowski
Francis and Mildred Jans
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Janson
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Jarmusz*
Ruth and Robert Jarvis
Ms. Patricia Jarzynski
Kathleen Jasinski
Ms. Penny Jeffrey
Mary Joan Jenkins
Mark and Susan Jern
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Jeronimo
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Jeschke
Rev. Richard A. Jesionowski
Ms. Flora Johnson
Ms. Donna H. Johnson
Kyle Johnson
Agnes B. Johnson
Claire E. Johnson
Kevin and Lori Johnson
Jane Johnston
Mr. Robert Jolly
Nancy Marie Jones
Mr. Ralph Jones
Mr. Roy Jones
Mr. and Mrs. John Jordan
Lucia Jordan
Ms. Joanne Joyce
Edward and Aileen Joyce
Judy Joyce
Thomas and Leslie Joyce
Mr. Vincent Juchimek
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Judge
Rev. Msgr. Paul R. Juenker
Eva Juhasz
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Juhasz
Nancy Jumper
Donald R. Justison
K & C Auto Body Center
Ms. Mary Kaczkowski
Mary E. Kadelak
Marie E. Kadillak*
Mrs. Sonia Kahl
Jim Kahn
Ms. Diane Kai
Paul Kamide
Ms. Marie T. Kaminski
Mrs. Barbara E. Kamrowski
Ms. Betty Kane
Ms. Kuulei Kanoho
Mary Jane Kanyok
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Kapp
George and Therese Karam
Ms. Linda A. Karaszewski
Ronald Karnya
Natalie Ann Kasievich
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kataoka
Mary Lou Katz
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Kavanagh
Josephine Kavcak
Ms. Harriett Kawa
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Kazacos
Ed and Mary Kazmark
Mrs. Rosemary Kearney
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Kedge
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Kedzuf
Keegan-Osbelt-Knight Funeral Home, Inc.
Gregory and Karen Keegan
Chris and Daniel Keeley
Ms. Rosemary Keenan
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Kegley
Burnell Kehr
Mrs. Joan Keilen
Brenda Keller
Diane M. Kelley
Kate M. Kelley Foundation
Laurette Kelley
Mr. William Kelley, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Kelly
Helena Kelly
Ms. Catherine P. Kelly
Mary Ellen Kelly
Mrs. Anne M. Kemper
Jacqueline Kendona
Catherine Kenefick
Mr. David F. Kennedy
Thomas R. Kennedy
Mark J. Kenny
Jean Kenny
Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Kenville
Mrs. Dorothy Kenyon
Kyle Kerestes
Jamie Kerestes
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Kernan*
Sister Marie Kerwin, SSJ
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Kessler
Key Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Keyes
Daryl Z. Kezell
David Khorey
Douglas Khorey
Edward Khorey
Eugene and Margaret Khorey
Laverne Kia, M.D.
Daniel A. Kidd
William and Rosemary Kietgen
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kiggins
William and Marian Kihl
Ms. Florence Kilambo-Kalumbu
Sandra Killinger
Geraldine Killmeyer Connors
Mrs. Michelin Killorin
Ben Kilmartin
Pat Kilmartin For Justice
Norma M. Kilpatrick
Eugene and Ruth Kilroy
Mr. Joseph A. Kimmerling
John King
Ms. Sharon A. Kiniry
Jarrod Kinkley
Mrs. Anne Kinne
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kinne
Cornelia Kinney
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kinsella
Mrs. Mary S. Kinsella
James Kirby
Mr. Jim Kirby
Valerie and Robert Kirchgessner
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kirkman
Mary Kirsch
Ms. Lois Kiselica
Joseph and Patricia Kish
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kissinger
Anne Kist
Larry and Margaret Kladny
Deacon and Mrs. George L. Klein
Mr. Gilbert N. Kleiner
Mrs. Margaret J. Kleinhenz
Donna M. Klemp
Mrs. Sylvia R. Kless
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Klimeczko
Caroline C. Kline
Grace Klisura
Walter P. Knake
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Knauber, Sr.
Knights of Columbus #191
Knights of Columbus Council 3076
Knights of Columbus Council 3717
Knights of Columbus Council 4652 – Fr. John Schaus
Xavier A. and Rosemary Knipling
Ms. Anne Knittel
Ms. Mary H. Knobloch
Mr. William Knowlton
John and Pamela Koagel
Rev. Thomas P. Kobuszewski
Mary Jo Koch
Koch Foundation, Inc.
Kenneth L. and Katherine G. Koessler Family Foundation, Inc.
Michelle and Jesse Kohler
Daryl and Joyce Kohorst
Ruzena Kokal
Ms. Elizabeth Kolber
Mr. Anthony T. Kolinski
Thomas and Barbara Koller
Leon and Cynthia Komm
Thomas and Lydia Konarski
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Konowalski
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Kopecky*
Dianne I. Kopp
Mrs. Susan Kopryanski
Walter and Rose Marie Kopycinski
Ms. Susan Koral
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kornacki
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Korzelius
Ms. Jane Kosuda
Patricia and Gregory Kosylo
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Kotansky
Kathleen Kotz
Theodore and Maryellen Kovalesky
Frances and Casey Kozminski
KPH Healthcare Services, Inc.
Janet Kramer
Frank and Bonnie Kramer
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Krantz
Thomas C. Krapp
Eric Kratsa
William and Regina Kraus
Sister Karen Krebs
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kremer, Jr.
Carol A. Krewin
Joseph Krill
Mr. John Kroll
Lori and Gary Kroner*
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Krukowski
Emma Kueker
Stanley and Florence Kulak
Janice Kunz
Ms. Suzanne Kuppel*
Ms. Marion Kurtz
Barbara Kurtz
Michael and Susan Kurtz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kutter
Francis Kuzma
Tim Kuzma
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Kvorjak*
Mr. and Mrs. Peter O. LaBarge
Mr. and Mrs. Frank LaBarge
Laboratory Alliance of Central New York, LLC
Laborers District Council of Western Pennsylvania
Laborers Local Union 1058
Donald LaCasse
Dr. and Mrs. Ross F. Laguzza
John and Jeanne Lalande
Ms. Cheryl LaManche
Mitchell and Mary Lamancuso
Ms. Susan J. Lamanna
Christine Lamanna
Roseann LaManna
Ms. Caroline Lamarr
Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Lamb*
Mrs. Nancy Lambright
Helen Lane
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Laneve
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D. Laneve
Ms. Miriam Langan
Mr. Gerald Lange
Virginia E. Lange
Lange Funeral Home, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Langevin
Mr. Frank P. Langley, III*
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Langlois
Phyllis Lantz
Ms. Sharon Lanza
Fran Lipaiana
Mr. Glen LaPoint
Ms. Dorothy J. Lariccie*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Larkin
Elizabeth Larkin
William F. Larkin
Mr. Joseph J. Larkins*
Ms. Geraldine LaRocca
Mr. Joseph A. LaRocca
Jane LaRose
Ms. Eugenia B. LaRusch
Mr. Frank J. LaRusch
Janice Larussa
Ms. Mary Ann Lasker and Ms. Charlotte Mombrea*
John and Karen Latimer
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lauber
Ms. Karen A. Laurent
Richard and Lorraine Lauricella
Marlene Lausen
Mrs. Mary Laverty
Mrs. Nancy A. Lawler
Le Moyne College
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Leahy
Ms. Carol Lebiedzinski
Clifford L. Lechwar
Rev. Msgr. David M. Lee
Joyce Lee
Michael and Carolyn Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald W. T. Lee
Ms. Trudi Lee
James Leeper
Ms. Patricia A. Leet
Patricia Legos
Mrs. Joanna Lehmann
Michael and Theresa Lehr
Mary Marcella Leight
Rev. Msgr. Frederick D. Leising
Reverend John J. Leising*
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis D. Lelek
Ms. Marie C. Leman
Ms. Elizabeth R. Lemieux
Linda Lempko
Walter Leninsky
Robert and Linda Lentz*
Jack and Luanne Leo
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Leone
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Leonhardt
Mr. and Mrs. David Lepard
Lillian Leps
Mary Agnes Leschak
Henri and Jeanne Lese
Ms. Joan Leskoske
Mr. and Mrs. Alan W. Lesner
Ms. Carol Ann Lesniowski
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lestition
Ms. Joanne Letcher*
Ms. Rosaline Letiecq
Ms. Nora Letourneau
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Letson
Diane and Sherwood Levitsky
Ms. Eileen Lew
Ray and Dianne Lewczyk
Kevin and Elaine Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. Lewis
Tina Lia and Ed Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Licata
Lifeline Bible Study Group
Lifetime Benefit Solutions, Inc.
Martha Ligas
Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale M. Limoncelli
Lincoln Pharmacy
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lindacher
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lindemann
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lindenmayer
Bernice Thibeau R. Lindley*
Mr. and Mrs. William Linkenheimer, Jr.
Nita Liptak
Mrs. Nanette Lisk
Mr. Arthur Liska
Mrs. Theresa A. Lisowski
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Liteplo
Ms. Christine Litty
Mrs. Kathryn D. Lizzul
Marta and Frederick Lo Bue
Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Lobl
Arlene Loeffler
William Loehr
Mrs. Elizabeth Loftus
Mrs. Jennifer Loftus
Karen Lombardi
Mrs. Elizabeth V. Long*
Ms. Sheila Long
Mr. Joseph F. Long
Mrs. Mary Jane Long
Maria Longo
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Longo*
Ms. Lucy Lorczak
Ms. Theresa Lorczak
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Lord
Loretto Management Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Marty Lougen
Roger and Janice Loughrey
Ms. Evelyn Loveland
Mr. and Mrs. John Low, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Lowenberg
Marie and William Lowry
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lubarsky
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Luber*
Jerome and Diane Lucas
The Honorable and Mrs. Frank J. Lucchino
Ms. Beth Lucia
Mary Ellen Ludmerer
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Ludwiczak
Ann Lee Luffred
Mrs. Theresa Luh
Ms. Juliette Lum
Mrs. Kathleen Lupo
Stephen Lynch
Mary Jo Lynch
J. Richard and Dianne Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Lynn
Mrs. Patricia Lynn-Ford
Mrs. Elizabeth Lyons
M&T Bank
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Mac Isaac
Dorcas MacDonald
Mark and Marisa Macera
Mackenzie Hughes LLP
James E. Mackin
Mr. John Macko
David and Jenna MacLachlan
Mrs. Katherine Macris
Mader Construction Co., Inc.
Mrs. Sandra Madore
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Maestri
John and Mary Maestri
Dorothy Magallon
Sister Eileen Magill
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Magley
Michael Maglio
Honorable William B. Magnarelli
Sheila Maguire
Mrs. Colleen A. Mahan
James and Sharon Maher
Deborah and Charles Mailhot*
Mr. and Mrs. John Maimone
Mrs. Lillian Maio
Rev. Charles Major
Andrew and Lori Majorsky
Father Stanley Makacinas
Mrs. Margaret Makowski-Greenky
Mrs. Maureen Malay
Ms. Donna Malczewski
Ms. Alice M. Malick
N.E. and Leona Mallard
Dominic and Joanne Mallare
Jerry Malley
Genevieve Malone
Ellyn Maloney
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Maloney
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Maltbie
Don and Merci Manalili
Virginia Mance
Mary E. Mancini*
Angela Mancuso
Sister Margaret Mancuso, SSJ
Eileen S. Mandujano
Mr. and Mrs. John Mandy
Arlene Manko
Rev. Frederick R. Mannara
Mr. John F. X. Mannion
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Mannion*
Mrs. Mary Maraio
Edward and Joyce Marasco*
Ann Marcelle*
Ms. Helen Marciniak
Andrea Marcum-Valentine
Mrs. Viola Marcy
Karen Marini
Mrs. Sharon Marino
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Marino, Sr.
Mrs. Teresa Markey
RoseMarie Marko
Ms. Gloria Marks
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Marks
Joseph Marlow
Mr. and Mrs. David Marnell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Marquard
Bill and Marian Marquis*
Paul Marranco
Zachary and Sarah Marsh
Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall
Mary M. Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Martin
The Martin Group
Paulette and Wayne Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Don Martin
Ms. Lola Martin
Mrs. Mary Martonosi
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Marx
Mary Immaculate Parish
John and Cathy Mary*
Richard Mary
Edward and Margaret Mason
Massaro Corporation
Donna and David Mastran
Mrs. Susan E. Mastropolo
Frances H. Matejek
Rev. James D. Mathews
Joseph and Patricia Mathews
Mr. and Mrs. Kemper Matt
Lucille J. Mattes
Raymond Mattes
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Matthies
Mrs. Maria Mattina
Ms. Jeannette Mattucci
John Matush
Reverend Walter L. Matuszak
Ruth A. Matway
Ms. Esther L. Mau
Mrs. Joan Mauer
Denny and Toni Maunder
Ms. Donna R. Maurillo
Mrs. Susan Maurillo Prostor*
Monica A. Maxwell-Paegle
Ms. Ann C. May
Mr. Arthur May
Miss Carol Ann May
Ms. Rita B. Mayer
Jill Mayer
Ms. Rita M. Mayercsik
Ms. Sandra Mazur
Ms. Shirley Mazur
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard T. Mazurkiewicz*
Paul and Kathie Mazurkiewicz*
Michelle and Anthony Mazzarini
Barbara A. Mazzoni
Jean T. Mazzotti
Patrick Mc Partland
Roy and Beverly Mc Tarnaghan
Ms. Eileen McAvoy
Mary Ann McCaffrey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCarney
Ms. Margaret A. McCarthy
Rev. Msgr. Leo F. McCarthy
Alverna McCarthy
Annie H. McCarthy
Joseph and Florence McCarthy
Katherine McCarthy
Mary Clare McCarthy
Mary Ann and Thomas McConnell
William and Susan McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. James McDonell
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. McGahan
Rita M. McGinley Foundation
Edward McGinn
Michael S. McGlashon
Peter and Jane McGovern
Mrs. Barbara McGovern
Louise McGrath
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McIntyre
Harold McKamish
Mrs. Marilyn McKay
Ruth Mckee
Joseph and Mary Lou McKenna
Ms. Karen McKernan
Marie McKinsey
Paula and James McKirchy
Gloria McLaughlin
Marion A. McLaughlin
Mr. Daniel McMahon
Ada McMahon
Christopher and Mary McMahon*
Lynn McMartin and Michael Madden*
Estate of Grace Fallon McMenamy*
Ms. Tricia C. McMillen
Nancy L. McNamara
Mr. and Mrs. J. Joseph McNeill
Michael McNicholas
Mr. and Mrs. Francis McNicholas
Mr. and Mrs. Frank McNicholas
Mr. George Measer
Medline Industries, Inc.
Tracy Medrano
Mr. Jonathan Meehan
Estate of Patrick F. Meehan*
Tom Meehan
Mr. Donald E. Meek
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Mehlek
Judith Meinert
Joseph A. Mele
Constantine and Theresa Mellas
Connie Mellody
Jennifer Mellone
Donald and Lorree Melonio
Mr. Allen J. Mench
Stephen Mendes and Linda Keenan
Joanne and Otilio Mendiola
David and Barbara Mennel
Joanne Merola
Cynthia A. Mesanovic
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Messina
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Mest
Mrs. Deborah Metallo
Mrs. Gertrude E. Metz
Mrs. Carmel Besch Metzger
Donald E. Meyer
Mr. George M. Meyerhofer
Dr. Francis Meyers
Mr. Robert B. Meyers*
Mrs. Maria Mezzo
Mrs. Nancy Miano
Rev. James Miara
Eleanor Miceli
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Midey, Jr.
Mr. Carl G. Mielnicki
Ms. Esther Mierzwa
Reverend Ronald B. Mierzwa
Ms. Judy Mietlicki
Ms. Romaine Migliore
Bill and Ruth Mihm
Mr. Richard A. Milazzo
Mary Ann and William Millar
Georgette and Robert Miller
Lawrence Miller
Mrs. Diane Miller
Diane E. Miller
Josselyn Miller
Robert O. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Miller
Ann Marie Millich
Harold and Elizabeth Milligan
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Mineo
Ms. Joan F. Miner
Mr. Kurt Minervino
Michael Miniotas
Ms. Susan Minotti and Mr. Tim Egan
Richard Mirabito
Charles and Maureen Mirucki
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Mischler
Ms. Theresa Mishlanie
Mrs. Betty Missert
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Mitchell
Mrs. Mary S. Mix
MKS Industries, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Modica
Margaretta Moeller
Audrey Moeller*
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Mogavero
Mohawk Valley Health System
Mr. Richard Mohr
Mrs. Bernadine Moldoch
Dr. James G. Monaco
Mr. Donald J. Monnin
Thomas P. Montemage
Paolo Montemaggi
Mary Moody
Rev. Augustine J. Moore
Maxwell F. Moore
Mrs. Amelia Moore
Arthur and Judith Morally
Kathleen Moran
William and Eileen Moran
Patricia J. Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Moraytis
Ms. Jean Morcone
Mrs. Jodie Morgan
Mr. William Morgan
Mr. John J. Morgan
Ms. Rosella J. Morgano
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Morgante
Mr. and Mrs. James Moriarity
Rev. Richard Morisette*
Ms. Amy Moritz
Ms. Ann Morlock
Mrs. Betty Ann Morlock
Rev. James V. Morman, TOR
Morning Star Christian Center/Mother of Mercy Catholic Center
Rita and Angela Morreale
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morris
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Morrison
Mrs. Margaret O. Morse
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Moser
Dr. and Mrs. James Mostrom
Joyce and Carl Motter
Mengling Tan Moulden
Mount Loretto Alumni Association
Edgar Moya
Mrs. Joan M. Mrozek
Ms. Shirley E. Mucha
Ms. Elizabeth Muessle
Mr. Kenneth M. Mugridge*
Mary Muldoon
Sister Rose Marie Mullen
Pat and Joseph Mullen
Mrs. Rose Multeri
Mrs. Cecilia F. Mulvey*
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Munoz
Ms. Janet S. Munro
Munroe Chiropractic, P.C.
Michael and Lorrie Munschauer
Stephen and Cynthia Munschauer*
Robert Munson
Lisa C. Murcko MD
Mr. and Mrs. William Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Murphy
Katherine Murphy Kula
Anita Murphy
Dr. John Murphy
John Murphy
Mr. John J. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Murphy
Rosemary Murphy
Suzanne Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Murphy*
Mrs. Lorraine Murray
Elsie M. B. Murray
Mr. Donald M. Murray
Irene Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Murrett
Dave Muscoreil
Ms. Elsie Nachreiner
David and Mary Nadolinski
Marinell Nagel
Barbara Nagiewicz
Ms. Deborah Nailos
Noreen and Edward Nalitz
Dr. and Mrs. George Narby*
Dr. and Dr. John J. Nasca, Jr.
Nascentia Health
National Apartment Laundries
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary RC Church Society
Mr. Patrick Naughton
Ms. Ruth P. Naylor
NBT Bank
Donna Neal
Mr. John R. Neary
Lucy and Michael Nebrich
Janice and John Nebzydoski*
Erik Nelson
Ms. Cathleen S. Nelson
Donald and Agnes Nelson
John and Betty Lou Nemcek*
Dr. Russell Nemecek
Rosemarie M. Nemerow
Robert Nero
Mary Jane Nesci
David J. Nettle
Pat Neuman
Penny A. Neuman
Ms. Paula Nevaldine
New York State Council Columbiettes
Larry Newberg
Constance Newett*
Ms. Margaret Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald B. Newman, II*
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Newsome
Mr. and Mrs. James Newton
Mrs. Elizabeth Nichols
Ms. Marge Nichols
Mrs. Joanne Nicholson
Stephen Nicholson
Mrs. Barbara Nicol
Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Niederpruem*
Mr. Antonio Nieves
Jeffrey J. and Grace B. Niland
Mrs. Marcia Niles
Ms. Norine Nirschel
Charla Jean Nist
Irene and Jerome Nist
Mr. Thomas E. Noecker
Mr. and Mrs. Casimir Noecker
Mrs. Cheryl Noetscher
Ann C. Nolfe
Mrs. Stacy Noll
Joan Noll
Regina M. Noone
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Norrie
Northern Lights Auto Service Inc.
Northland Communications
Lucreza Nosko
Mr. Frank Notaro
Ms. Gloria Noto
Notre Dame De La Mer Parish
Dr. Joseph P. Novek
Ms. Rose Nowak
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Null
Donna and Craig Nunamaker
Mary Ellen and Lawrence Nycholat
Dolores and Terry Nypaver
Ms. Rosemarie O’Bannion
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Obernesser
Beverly O’Brien
Mrs. Bernadette C. O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. James P. O’Brien
Father James T. O’Brien
Ms. Melissa O’Brien
Will O’Brien
Ms. Karen A. O’Connell
Anna and James O’Connell
Mr. and Mrs. James O’Connell
Reverend Neil O’Connell, OFM
Mr. and Mrs. Edward O’Connor
Ms. Erin O’Connor
Joann and Richard O’Connor
Sandra L. O’Connor
Mrs. Charlotte Oczek
Catherine Odell
Reverend Terry M. Odien
Edward and Catherine O’Donnell
Ms. Gayle E. Ogawa
Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Ohanessian
Ms. Margaret M. O’Hara
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Okuly
Kathleen M. Ola
Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. Olesko
Oliva Properties, LLC
Mrs. Jo-Ann Olsen
Mrs. Kathleen Olson
Terry Omine*
Gerald and Rita O’Neill*
Dr. and Mrs. Greg Onufryk
Suzanne Oot
Richard S. Orcutt
Tonette Orlando
Robert and Linda O’Shea
Reverend Alfons M. Osiander
Mary Jane Osier
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Osinski
John Osterle
Mrs. Congetta Ostuni
James and Judith O’Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah O’Sullivan*
John and Joanne O’Sullivan*
The Theresa and Edward O’Toole Foundation
Janet Ott
Mr. Gerald A. Otteni
Our Lady of Charity Catholic Parish
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Over
Ms. Mary S. Overby
Oviatt Hearing and Balance, LLC
Lynn and Barbara Owcarz
Michael and Joan Owczarzak
Val Ozinsky
PA Department of Health Division of Nursing Care Facilities
Grace Pabst
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas F. Pafk
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pagani
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence G. Page
Nancy Pahler
Regis and Kathleen Pahler,Jr.
Ms. Marilyn Pakele
Mrs. Maria Palamara
Dennis and Barbara Palaski*
John and Anne Palazzoli
Anne Palermo
Ms. Judith M. Palmer
John and Marian Palmer
Penny and George Panepinto
Arlene Panezich
Paulette H. Panichella
Barbara and Peter Panneri
Mrs. Dorothy Paoletti
Mr. and Mrs. Camillo A. Paolini
Ms. Patti Paolotto
James Paone, Jr.
Ms. Patricia Papademetriou
Patricia Papafagos
Mary Pardi
Mrs. Janice Parent
Richard and Selma Parenti
Daniel D. Park
Gladys Park
Carol Parowski
Ms. Sandra Parrish
Denise and Allan Parry
Mrs. Dorothy T. Parsons
Adele Pascucci
Samantha Pashel
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pasinski
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore M. Pasinski
Ms. Patricia S. Pasqua
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Pastore
Ms. Geraldine A. Patino
Ms. Louise C. Pattacciato
Ann Patterson
Audrey Patterson
Mr. & Mrs. James Patterson
Mary Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Pauly*
Dr. and Mrs. Albert J. Pautler
Ornn and Michele Pava
Rosalie Pavela
Dr. George J. Pavlic MD
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pawlow
Michael and Barbara Payne
Patricia A. Peach
Mr. and Mrs. John Peconi
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Pedley
Robert Peetz
William and Marilyn Pelin
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Pell
Ms. Josephine Pellicane
Mr. Joseph Pelligra
Ms. Mildred E. Pelrine
Audrey Pels
Mrs. Kathleen Peltz
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Peltz
Pemco Group, Inc.
Mr. Robert J. Pendergast*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Penfold
David and Kathleen Peot
Ms. Gloria Perez
Mr. and Mrs. Eloy Perez
Dr. Steven Perlow
Ms. Letitia Perri
Steven and Sarah Perrigo
Mrs. Antoinette Perrotta
Maria Perrotta
Joseph Perry
Ms. Mary E. Perry
Nicholas and Donna Perry
Mr. Joseph J. Peruffo
Ann F. Peruzzini
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Peters*
Kathleen Peters
Mr. Walt Peterson*
The Walter A. and Josephine Peterson Literary Arts Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Petrack
Sharon Petragnani
Mary T. Petrich
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Petros
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Pettitt, Jr.
Ms. Elizabeth Pettitt
Vincent and Joanne Pezzino
Mrs. Norma L. Pfohl
Dorothy Pfund
Bi Van Phan
John Phelan
Mr. Gary R. Philips
Ruth and Clinton Phillips
Ms. Marie J. Phillips
Katherine E. Phillips
Larry and Mary Phillips
James and Mary Piazza*
Mr. and Mrs. Basil J. Piazza*
Mrs. Natalie R. Piazza
Mary Pickard
Gilbert Pielin
J. Andrew and Dorothy Pierce*
Nancy Pietrafesa
Christine and Robert Pietrandrea*
Maria Pietrandrea
Ms. Agnes Pigao Cadiz
Mrs. Lorraine Pigula
Ms. Judith A. Pijanowski
James and Christine Pilat
Joann Pilewski
Mrs. Virginia Pingrey
Mrs. Marita Pinkel
Dr. Donald Pinkel and Dr. Cathryn B. Howarth
Sister Eileen Pinkel
Pioneer Companies
Dr. Edwin Piontek
M.J. Piraino and Ronald Karnya
Robert Pirozzi
Geraldine and Stephen Piskurich
Mr. Bernie J. Pistillo, Jr.*
Pitney Bowes
Ms. Janet Pitrello
Pittsburgh Critical Care
An Anonymous Fund at the Pittsburgh Foundation
Pittsburgh Pathwork
Pittsburgh Window & Door Company
Mr. and Mrs. James Piwinski
Barbara Placidi
Mr. Alfred J. Plante
Mrs. Margaret Plosa
Mrs. Virginia Plumeau
PNC Bank
PNC Foundation
PNC Institutional Investments
Theresa and Alejandro Pocock
Mrs. Anna Marie Poerschke
Major and Mrs. Donald Pohl
Dr. Daniel J. Polacek, M.D.
Julie Polletta
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pollock, Jr.
Cathy Poluzzi
Bruce Pompeani
Edward Poplowski
Ms. Christine Porter
Portiuncula Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Porzio, Sr.
Donald and Mary Posch
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Posluszny
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Potvin
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Potzler
Chris and Jaimee Povirk*
Holly Powell
Marita and John Powell
Mr. Raymond P. Powers
Ms. Kathleen R. Poweski*
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Praetorius
Premier Medical Associates, PC
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Prestia
Claudia A. Preve
Ms. Pamela J. Price
Ms. Isabelle G. Price
Print Solutions Plus, Inc.
Robert and Dolores Prioletti
Jerome Privitera
Ms. Lisa Procanick
Mrs. Tracey Prokop
Ms. Elizabeth Pronesti
Derrick Pruitt
Mrs. Alice Przybyl
Dolores Pschirer
Anthony Pulleo
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Puma
James and Cheryl Putnam
Rodney W. Putnam
Mr. Thomas D. Putnam
Msgt. and Mrs. John Puu
Queen of Peace Healing Ministry
Alison Quick
Ms. Eileen C. Quilty
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Quinn
Robert and Rita Quirk
R. J. Financial Associates
Janice Rachfal Stokes
Stan Ragley
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis N. Ranalli
Mr. & Mrs. James Randig
Rev. Msgr. Joseph Ranieri*
Lowell Ranum
Rapid Response Monitoring
John Rapp
Ms. Monica Rappazzo
Mrs. Jean Raszeja
Raymond E. Kelley, Inc.
Mr. James F. Reagan
Sheila A. Reagan
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Reale
Ken and Kristine Ream
Lauretta A. Reap*
Mary T. Reap*
Marlene and Christopher Rebstock
Mr. and Mrs. Esteban Recel
Kenneth Reddy
Ronald Reddy
Sharon Reff
Christine Reiber and Alex Schein*
Paul Reiber*
Ms. Madeleine Reid
Michael and Mary Lou Reil
Ms. Janet Reilly
Frances and Russ Reiners
Mr. and Mrs. George Reinhardt
Mrs. Elizabeth Reisdorf
Mr. George R. Reisdorf
Lawrence and Lorraine Reisdorf
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Reisdorf
Russell and Connie Reisdorf
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Reisinger
Rosemary Reiss
Ms. Mary E. Relihan
John and Florence Rembold
James and Janet Renda
Mr. Edward W. Renk
Joseph and Anita Renk
Pamela Rente-Ross
Dorothy and Nicholas Rescher
Jeanne Marie Reschke
Mr. Edward J. Reska
Michele L. Rether
Mr. Paul Retter
Mr. Mark Reynolds
Ann C. Reynolds
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Riccardi
Mrs. Teresa J. Riccardi
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Ricciardi
Michael A. Riccione, M.D.*
Rich & Gardner Construction Company, Inc.
Richard J. Lighton, Sr.
Robert Richards
Michelle M. Richey
Eric J. Ridley
Frank and Linda Ridzi
Betteanne and Dennis Riegle
Mr. and Mrs. James Riehle
Susan Riester
Jim and Ann Riester
Larry Righi, II
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Riley
Ms. Carol K. Riniolo*
Ms. Norah K. Riniolo*
Ms. Ellen H. Rios
Anna and Raymond Ritchie
Mrs. Mary F. Ritz
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rivosecchi
Frances J. Rizzo
Ed and Marie Rizzo
Mrs. Patricia A. Rizzo
Ms. Mary Ellen Roach
Maria M. Roberts
Mrs. Marilyn J. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Roberts
Donald and Mary Robida
Cheryl Robinson
Linda N. Robinson, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Robshaw
Robshaw & Julian Associates, Inc.
Kathleen Rocco
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Rocha
Raymond A. Roche
Ms. Mary Rose Rodal
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Rodilllas
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Rodriguez
Geraldine Rodriquez
Dr. John Roehmholdt and Dr. Sheliah Roehmholdt
Ms. Sandra Roemer
Mr. John P. Roetzer
Thomas and Jennifer Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. John Rogers
Mr. Gerald Rohmer
Ms. Donna Rolens
Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse
Roman Catholic Church in the State of Hawaii
Thomas Roman
Charles Romeo
Mr. John Rooney
Ms. Maureen T. Roos
Ms. Shirley A. Root
Ms. Mary L. Rosborough
Ms. Geraldine C. Roselli
Patricia Rosenstein
Ms. Ameena Ross
Monica and Thomas Ross
Anthony Rossi
Joseph and Judith Rossi
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Roth, III
Mary F. Roth
Lucy Rotunda
Eileen Rouda
Mary H. Rovall
Estate of Ruth M. Rowe*
Dolores Rowell
Shelly Rowlett
Lawrence and Jane Rozborski
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rozeski, Sr.
Ms. Jane G. Rozyczko
RTR Business Products
Cecelia and Patrick Ruane
Diane Marie Rubeo
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rubino
Alfred and Arlene Rudyk
Nancy Ruffing
Art and Carolyn Ruhland
Kathleen and Joseph Rumfola
Ann Ruminski
Ms. Diane Runfola
Mrs. Gail Ruppert Houle
Margaret Rusciolelli
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ruscitto
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Russo
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rustowicz
Ruthrauff , Inc.
Mrs. Carol Rutkowski
Jeffrey and Ilene Ruttenberg
Mrs. Betty Ryan
Mrs. Betty Ryan
Dennis and Patricia Ryan
Mrs. Jane F. Ryan
Mrs. Patricia A. Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Ryan
Thomas J. Ryan
William and Carol Ryan
Ruey J. Ryburn
S & N Industries, LLC
Miss Mary Margaret Sabel
Sabesan Family
Shirley Sable
Reverend Paul P. Sabo
Ms. Marilyn Sacco
Mr and Mrs. James Sacilowski
Walter Sackville
Sacred Heart Basilica
Sacred Heart Church
Sacred Heart Church
Ms. Lourdes Sadanaga
Saint Lazarus
Mr. John Salerno
Patricia Salomon
Barbara J. Salvadore
Mrs. Georgianna Salvagni
Richard P. Salvetti, Jr.*
Michael and Laura Sampietro
Ms. Shelley A. Sandow
Louis Santaro*
Margaret and Joseph Santelli
The Luke and Anthony Santiago Foundation
William and Nancie Saphara
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sapienza
Arlene Sardo
Patrick and Darlene Sargent
Mr. Joseph Sarlouis
Jane Sarra
Judith Sasmore
Barbara A. Sass
Beth Sass
David Satina
Douglas and Carole Saturnino
Mr. John Sauro
Ms. Marcella E. Savage
Judith Savarise
Michael and Tasha Saviano
Susan M. Sawick-Molvarec
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Saxe*
Mr. Clifford Saxer
Pamela Saybanha
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Scala
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Scalzo
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence P. Scanlon
Ms. Helen Scanlon
Ms. Dolores Ann Scanlon
David and Ellen Scarborough
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Scarsi
Mr. Thomas Scatko
Sherry J. Schaas
Donald and Debra Schachner
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Schad
Patricia Schaefer
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Schaefer
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Schaefer*
Mr. and Mrs. John Schaefer
Ms. Mary Schalberg
Ms. Eileen L. Schalberg*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Schanley
Anna Marie Scharding
Barbara A. Scharding
Ms. Ellen Schardt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scheeser
Schellhaas Funeral Home
Peter and Elizabeth Schessler
Ms. Jessica Schewe
Brian and Jan Schiefer
Ms. Anne E. Schiferle
James and Anne Schifferle
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Schifferli, Jr.
Ms. Charlene Schiffler
Richard and Barbara Schilling
Schlager Divito Funeral Home Inc
Mr. Charles Schlett
Mrs. Ruth Schlosser
Elizabeth A. Schmidt
Mrs. Irene Schmidt
Louis Gary and Mary Lou Schmidt
Mr. Richard Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Schmitt, III*
Louis J. Schmitt*
Mary Schmitt
Ms. Rose Schneck
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schneegold
Mr. David Schneider
Timothy Schneider*
Schneider Downs
Madonna H. Schober
Tom and Kim Schobert
Frank Schochling
Mrs. Byrnedette J. Schonhart
Mr. and Mrs. John Schramm
Mr. Donald A. Schratz
Mr. and Mrs. John Schroeder
Ms. Colleen Ann Schroeder
Wilbur L. Schubert
William and Anne Schuch
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Schuder
Mary and Michael Schuessler
Raymond Schulenberg
Clare Schuler
Shirley R. Schultheis
Paul and Marian Schultz
Deacon and Mrs. Thomas E. Schultz
Mr. Gary Schulz
Ms. Linda S. Schupp
Dr. and Mrs. David Schwanekamp, D.D.S.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schwendler
Janet Schwengber and Maureen Kennedy
Mrs. Judith Schwenzfeier
Joanna and John Schwoebel
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Scott,III
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Scott
Barbara Scott
Robert and Carol Scotton
Marie Scotty
George and Margaret Scribe
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Scuderi*
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Seaman
Christine Sears
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sears
Sedgwick Business Interiors
Saundra Seep
Ms. June Segundo-De Feo
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sehn
Jill S. C. Seibel
Sandy Seidl
Ralph and Phyllis Seifert
Vicente M. Selepeo
Ms. Mary Seliuk
Mrs. Eleanora Selwach
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Sendlak
Mrs. Maria Sentance
Diane Senter
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Sentz
Caroline Serdy
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Serrao
James and Lucy Service
Ms. Corinne L. Setlock
Donna Setrella
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Setter
Julie Sevak
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Sexton, III*
Jean Shaffer
Chuck and Helen Shane
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Shaner, Jr.
Brenda Shanley
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Shanley
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Shannon
Susan J. Sharon
Ms. Emily Sharp
Diane J. Sharpe
Ms. Mary Ann Sharrow Ph.D. RN
Ms. Margaret G. Shaughnessy
Palma M. Shaw*
Claire and Paul Shea
Rev. Msgr. George F. Sheehan
Michael and Regina Sheehan
Sheetz Fresh Foods
Charlene Sheffler
Mary Sheridan
Eileen Sheridan
Sheila Sheridan*
Ms. Barbara Sherman
Mr. William T. Sherman
Mrs. Constance Sherry
Manohar Shetty
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Shick*
Richard Shirtz
Ms. Judith H. Sholette
Brother Michael W. Shubnell
Susan Sicignano
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sidoni
Ms. Ann W. Signore
Michael and Carol Sigona
Ms. Joan Sillman
Hector Silva
Mrs. Georgianna Silvagni
Yvonne Silverberg*
Gary and Clare Silverman
Teresa Silvestri
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Silvestro
Mrs. Diane M. Siminski
Ms. Catherine Simon
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Simon*
Joan F. Simon
Anthony and Lorraine Simone
Jerome and Carol Simonetty
Ms. LuAnn Sims
Ms. Henrietta Sinclair
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Sindoni
Mrs. Eileen Singer
Ms. Grace M. Sinicropi
Kathleen M. Sinnott
Ms. JoAnne Siragusa
Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Skelton
Gurdeep and Richard Skolnik
Colleen Skotarczak
Mrs. Donna J. Skrocki
Joanna and John Skrzypek
Joan Skupien
Teresa Skupien
Gordon and Anna Slade
Suzanne Slattery
Patty and Nick Slavonia
Eva and Steve Slavonia
Stanley and Kathleen Slingerland
John C. Sloan
Reverend Eugene S. Slomba
Mrs. Nanette J. Slowik
David and Ann Smallen
Scott P. Smith
Robert D. Smith U/W Family Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Smith
Mrs. Alice A. Smith and Mrs. Susan Breitenstein*
Bev and Paul Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith
Mr. Daniel Smith
Mrs. Deborah J. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Harold K. Smith
James and Maria Smith
Karen Smith
Ms. Mary M. Smith
Ralph and Grace Smith
Mr. Richard L. Smith
Robert Smith
Viola M. Smith
Walter C. Smith
Marie F. Schmitt Sniegocki
Marcia Snowden
Dan and Diane Snyder
Maryanne and Robert Snyder
Mary B. Snyder
Ms. Roberta Sobol
Society of Broadcast Engineers Chapter 22 Inc.
Society For The Propagation Of Faith
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Sojka
Robert and Lucy Grace Soldo
John Solters
Solvay Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Sontheimer
Mr. John C. Sopchak and Ms. Wendy J. Powers
Roxanne and Stephen Sopchak
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sopchak*
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Soule*
South Park Historical Society
Clifford and Laurdes Souza
Mr. Roland Souza
Dorothy J. Sowers
Ann and Paul Spadafora
Mr. Joseph H. Spahn
Mr. and Mrs. John Spanburgh
Mr. William E. Spaulding
Mrs. Joanne Speach
Ms. Christine K. Speck and Mr. Michael Keleher
Gregory and Sharon Speicher
Philip J. Speller, M.D.
Adrienne Spencer
Mrs. Evelyn Spencer
Carl and Terri Spirk
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Sposato
Mrs. Ruth Spoth
Robert and Janice Spradley
Roger and Dolores Spraker
Mrs. Natalie Spreter
Kenneth and Juanita Sproat
Margaret Squiller
St Teresas Roman Catholic Church
St. Aloysius Regional School
St. Amelia’s Church
St. Anthony of Padua Convent
St. Augustine’s Church
St. Bonaventure University
St. Elizabeth
St. Elizabeth Convent
St. Francis Church
St. Francis Healthcare System of Hawaii
St. Francis Hospital Alumni Association
St. Francis R.C. Church Society
St. Francis School
St. Gregory The Great
St. James Church
St. James Church of Syracuse
St. Joseph’s Church
St. Joseph’s Health Center Foundation
St. Joseph’s Imaging Associates
St. Lucy’s Church
St. Margaret’s Church, Inc.
St. Martin de Porres Trust
St. Mary of the Assumption
St. Mary’s Parish
St. Mary’s of the Lake Church
St. Pauls Church Council of Catholic Women
St. Peter/Sacred Heart Church
St. Pius X Church
St. Teresa’s Women’s Guild
Paul and Ila Stabile
David and Charlotte Stabile
Reverend Conrad P. Stachowiak
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Stachowiak
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stadelmayer
Ms. Helen E. Stagg
Cynthia Standen
Mrs. Lydia Stang
Mr. and Mrs. F. Michael Stapleton
Raphael W. Stark, III
Florence and Paul Starzynski*
Michael and Carol Stasik
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Stasio
Leona Stasko
Ms. Elizabeth Stearns
Ms. Marjorie N. Stebbins
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Steeg
Joseph Steinbacher
Reverend Paul W. Steller
Dr. James G. Stengel
Mrs. Judith A. Stengel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stephan
David Stephenson
Miss Mary C. Stepniak
Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Steward
Mrs. Mary Jane Stewart
Mary Ann Stickel
Joseph M. Stickle
Clement and Margaret Stockham
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stoddard
Mary and Keith Stone
Robert and Sharon Storrier
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Stracci*
Ms. Ann M. Straney
Mr. and Mrs. John Strauser
Shawn Strauser
John and Louanne Strauss
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight R. Strayer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Street*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Street
Grace and Albert Streyle
Ms. Barbara A. Struebel
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stucke
Dr. Angela M. Stupi Romano
Mrs. Joan Sturm
Mrs. Grace Sturm
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Sturm, Jr.
Ms. Marie M. Suatoni
Charles M. Sullivan
C. Jan Sullivan
Ms. Elizabeth Sullivan
Ms. Barbara S. Sullivan
Holly Sullivan
Ms. Jeanne D. Sullivan
Ms. Mary Louise Sullivan
Ms. Bernadette T. Sumer
Jaclyn M. Sumer
Eileen Summers
Grace A. Suozzi*
Support Our Aging Religious!
Ms. Joclair M. Surman
Darlene and Gerald Sutara
Mr. and Mrs. Norman K. Suttell
Dirk B. Sutton*
Ms. Diane Sutton
Mrs. Shirley A. Sutton
Walter and Jane Sweeney
John Sweeney
Mrs. Ruth Sweeney
Sweeney’s Auto Repair
James and Kathleen Sweeting
Reverend Emil P. Swiatek
Betty and Philip Switalski
Ms. Diane Switzer
Lois Switzer
Sienna Sydlaske
Syracuse Banana Co., Inc
Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists
Marian Szabo
Michele and John Szachewicz
Dorothea C. Szarko
Reverend Gary Szczepankiewicz
Jeff Szymanski
T.H. Kinsella, Inc.
Hanako Takahashi
Peter and Janet Talak*
Suzanne and Anthony Talak*
Ms. Jean Talarico
Frank Tallarico
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Tamol
Peter and Julie Tantalo*
Mr. Brian R. Tarnowski
Donald and Julie Taylor
Ms. Joan Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Taylor, Jr.
Joseph and Donna Tayntor
Margaret Ann Tellez
Temme Family Trust
Ricky and Charlene Templeton*
Brenda Tersine
Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Terzolo
Henry and Donna Testa
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Tevens*
Gloria M Thibault
Mrs. Ann Thill
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Thill
Richard and Patti Thoman*
Mrs. Elaine Thomas
Al and Patricia Thomas*
Mrs. Kathy Thompson
David T. Thompson
Mrs. Lou Ann Thompson
Maureen Thompson
Vincent and Elaine Thompson*
Mr. and Mrs. William Thompson
Kevin P. Thomson
Ms. Joan Thorn
Mrs. Ann Thorpe
Ms. Elaine Thrasher
Thrower Communications, LLC
Mrs. Louise Thurlow and Mr. Winthrop Thurlow
Ms. Eleanor Thurston
Ms. Marcia Tilney
Mary Anne Timmins
Tindall Funeral Home Inc.
Mr. Angelous L. Tirado
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Tita
Thomas and Diana Tizard
Frank and Linda Tobat
Mr. Troy Toffolo and Janet Toffolo
Mrs. Maureen A. Tomeny
Dea Tomsic
Mrs. Patricia Toole
Mark E. Torbik
Mrs. Shannon D. Townsend
Beverly Trabucco
Jon and Annette Trabucco
Transfiguration Church
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey W. Trautmann
Philma J. Tremblay
Rose Marie and Howard Treser
Tri-Delta Resources, Corp.
Tripifoods Foundation
Ms. Angeline A. Tritto
Mr. and Mrs. Lewell Troast, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Trompeter
Mrs. Paula Trudell
Mrs. Barbara T. Turner
Mrs. Carol Turner
Turner Construction Company
Mr. Alfred Tymm
Nancy M. Tynan
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Uebler
Mr. and Mrs. Don Ulrich
Steve and Kellie Ulrich
Edward and Anna Marie Uminski
United Auto Foreign Domestic
UPMC Health Plan
Mary Ann Urbanski*
David Uschold
Norma Useche
Utica First Insurance Company
Mrs. Theresa Utz
Gail S. Valenson
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Valletta
Mr. Richard Vallone
Barbara Van Overschelde
Ms. Elizabeth Van Wie
Syl and Pat VanBeek
Mrs. Elizabeth A. VanBourgondien
Mrs. Nancy Vanderlinden
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. VanStone
Ellen L. VanVliet
Felicia Vatakis
Mr. George Veil
Jose Velasquez
Mr. and Mrs. Stephan P. Velsko
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Venditti, Jr.
Ryan Venezie
Eric Venezie
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Ventre
Richard and Kathy Verdi
Mrs. Patricia M. Vergils
Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Verostek
Rita Verry
Verso Ministries LLC
Dr. E. Kenneth Vey
Viau Construction Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Viau
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Victor III
Bernice and Hudson Viele
Mr. Marcel Viens
Michael Villavicencio
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Vinette
Mrs. Julie Virtuoso
Ms. Norma Visitacion
Susan and Timothy Vismor
Mrs. Janet Vito
Jim Vlasach
Milan J. and Rita Vlha
Kathy Voigt
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Voisard
Mr. and Mrs. Russell M. Volk
Mr. Kenneth Voss
Mike and Christine Wachowicz
Ms. Sonia L. Wada
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Wade
Mrs. Kathleen Wagner
Frank and Sue Wagner
Mr. Harold M. Wagner*
Ms. Helen A. Wagner
Joan Wagner
Ms. Judith E. Wagner
Sister Betty Waigand
Gary and Karen Walchesky
Mrs. Diane Waldon
Waldorf Risk Solutions, LLC
Mr. Theodore J. Walheim
Robert and Joan Walker
Irene and John Wall
Mr. Jerome T. Wallace
Nancy and George Wallace
Mr. James R. Wallenhorst
Anna A. Wallens
Mrs. Loraine Wallmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. John Walsh
Mr. Michael J. Walsh
James and Mary Ellen Walsh
Joan D. Walter
Mr. Joseph E. Walterich
Mrs. Rosemary Walters
William and Anne Walz
Mrs. Arlene Wangler
Ed Wargala
Robert and Eileen Warner
Ms. Patricia Warszawski
The Wartburg
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Was
Ms. Viola C. Washington
Mr. Felix A. Wasiak, Jr.
Mary Ann and Stanley Wasiel
Laura Watanabe
Ms. Katharine Watson
Eileen Watson and Greg Garten
Mrs. Theresa Watt
Richard and Carrie Wayne
Mrs. Louise Waytena
Annette and Bill Webb
Bernice M. Weber
Greg and Elaine Weber
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Weber
Mrs. Patricia Webster*
Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.
Mrs. Carol Wehinger
Lisa Weidner
Norbert Weidner*
Ms. Angela Weinroth
Mr. James R. Weisbeck
Ms. Marie L. Weisbecker
Frank and Carol Weise
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Weiss
Marion P. Welch
Dolores Welch
Rev. Msgr. Francis G. Weldgen
Susan Wellinger
Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC
Audrey Welsh
Wendelville Fire Co. Inc.
Anthony and Dianne Wenslow
Richard J. Wenzel
Ms. Alice Weppner
Patricia Wesley
Ms. Clara C. Wesolowski
Raymond and Anna West
West Herr Automotive Group
Westcott Florist, Inc.
Rev. Msgr. Richard L. Wetter
Mrs. Mary Wetzel
Paul Wetzel*
Ms. Joanne H. Whelan
Mr. Stephen Whelan
Thomas and Suzanne Whelan
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Whipple
Peter and Maureen White
Mr. John White
Mrs. Rosemary K. White
Les and Brigid Wickersham
Mr. Douglas Widener
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wieand
Lori Wieczorek
Mike Wieland
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Wienclawski
Sandra Wiess
Mr. Steven Wietlisbach
Celeste Wiggins
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Wik
Ms. Carmella A. Wilce
Ms. Georgia Wilkinson
David and Cynthia Will
George Will
Patricia and Richard Will
Patricia Wille
Ms. Ann V. William
Mrs. Mary M. Williams
Barbara Williams
Mrs. Sharon L. Williams
Kathleen and James Williamson
Rev. Msgr. Robert J. Williamson
Robert and Santiaga Willoughby
Emily Wilmer
Mrs. Alice C. Wilson
LaVerne Winkowski
Tom and Jeanne Winner
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Winsor
Most Reverend William Winter STD
James Winterhalt
Ms. Virginia Winters
Mr. George T. Wisniewski
Mr. Roger Wittig*
Ms. Marilyn Wittman
Teresa Wittmann
Mr. David Wittmann
Mary Ann and John Witzel
WJ Cox Associates
Ms. Arlene D. Wojcicki
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wojtkiewicz
Connie Wojtowicz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Wojtowicz
Michele Wolf
J. Ronald Wolfe
Mr. Jerald I. Wolfgang
Ms. Betty Wong
Mrs. Gail C. Wong
Carole Wood
Norma M. Wood
Maureen Wood
Woodlawn Cemetery
Ms. Mary H. Woods
Mrs. Freda Woodworth
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Woolrich
Bonnie Woolson
Patricia Wortley
Thomas E. Wozniak
Herman and Betty Wrege
Ms. Susan S. Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Wrobel
James Wudarczyk
Gerard and Deana Wuenschel
Patricia Wuenstel
William and Agnes Wyandt
Dr. Mary Wyandt-Hiebert
David Wyman
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Wynne
Joan and Fred Wysocki
Marie Wyssling
Mrs. Dominga Yadao
Mr. Donald Yakesh
Joan Yanno
Jan and Patricia Yaroz
Gerhardt Yaskow
Theresa A. Yauch
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Yax
Rev. J. Robert Yeazel
Ms. Norma Yennock
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Yeomans*
Robert and Kathleen Yeske*
Reverend Robert M. Yetter
Mr. Herbert K. Yim
Mike and Alice Yochum
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Yoder*
Deacon Walter H. and Mrs. Frances Yoshimitsu
Mary Catherine Yost
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Young*
Donna Young
Mr. Paul Young
Ernesto and Verna Yu
Rev. Msgr. Michael J. Yunk*
Mr. and Mrs. John Yurtchuk*
Mrs. Marie Zafron
Catherine Zagar
Elizabeth Zagar
Mrs. and Mr. Christine Zaharko
Michael and Shirley Zahm
Andrew G. Zahren
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Zahren
Marianne Zahren
Reverend Richard Zajac
Ms. Joan Zallnick
Ms. Therese C. Zamoiski
Christine Zapf-Longo
Linda Zavalauskas
Ms. Suzanne Zbrzezny
Ms. Ruth Zbrzezny
Stacy Zdep
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Zdrojewski
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene S. Zdrowak
Jane C. Zell
John Zenger
Mr. and Mrs. Eric F. Zeltmann
Mr. Vincent P. Zema
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Zemanick
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Zicari
JoAnn Zidanic
Zielinski Companies, Inc.
Bernice Zieminski
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zimmerman
Mary Ellen T. Zinn
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ziolkowski
Mr. Andre Zmurek
Chelsea Zola
Mr. and Mrs. Aloysius Zoladz
Robert Zorn
Mr. John P. Zubricky
Judith Zuchero
Bill and Marlene Zulawski
John and Susan Zurisko

Able Associates
Alexander & Catalano, LLC
ALPS Elevator Inspection
Alumni Association St. Francis Medical Center School of Nursing
Berdan Support Fund
Bombard-Cavanaugh Financial Group of Wells Fargo Advisors
Brown & Brown Empire State
C.H. Insurance Brokerage Services, Inc.
Central New York Infusion Services, LLC
The Concord Advisory Group, Inc.
Cura Hospitality
D’Alessandro Funeral Home
Dermody, Burke & Brown CPAs, LLC
Downtown Dental Syracuse
Eckert Seamans
The Eric Ryan Corporation
Falcone Associates Inc.
Faxton-St. Luke’s Healthcare
Franciscan Companies
Frank B. Fuhrer Wholesale Company
Gateway Rehabilitation Center
Hancock Estabrook, LLP
Henry Rossi & Co
Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
J. Knipper and Company, Inc.
John Newman Mission Community, Inc.
Joining Hearts and Hands Ltd.
Key Bank
KPH Healthcare Services, Inc.
Laborers District Council of Western Pennsylvania
Laborers Local Union 1058
Lawley Insurance
Life Storage, Inc.
Lincoln Pharmacy
M&T Bank
Mackenzie Hughes LLP
Maid of the Mist Corporation
Massaro Corporation
McKamish, Inc.
Medline Industries, Inc.
Mount Loretto Alumni Association
NBT Bank
Our Lady of Victory National Shrine
Pemco Group, Inc.
The Walter A. and Josephine Peterson Literary Arts Fund
Pioneer Companies
PNC Institutional Investments
Premier Medical Associates, PC
Print Solutions Plus, Inc.
Rapid Response Monitoring
Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse
Ruthrauff , Inc.
T.H. Kinsella, Inc.
Tri-Delta Resources, Corp.
UPMC Health Plan
Waldorf Risk Solutions, LLC
The Wartburg
Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC

A Friend (4)
American Endowment Foundation
Howard & Grayce Bendixen Memorial Trust
The George H., Lillian S., & Mary S. Campbell Foundation
CNY Community Foundation
The Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties, Inc
Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta
CSX Foundation
Howard A. Drescher Foundation
Ray & Kay Eckstein Charitable Trust
Enchanted Life Foundation
Federated Investors Foundation, Inc.
The Galasso Foundation
W. H. Greene Foundation
Kate M. Kelley Foundation
Koch Foundation, Inc.
Kenneth L. and Katherine G. Koessler Family Foundation, Inc.
Rita M. McGinley Foundation
The Theresa and Edward O’Toole Foundation
An Anonymous Fund at the Pittsburgh Foundation
PNC Foundation
Portiuncula Foundation
Frank and Frances Revoir Foundation
The Luke and Anthony Santiago Foundation
Robert D. Smith U/W Family Trust
St. Joseph’s Health Center Foundation
St. Martin de Porres Trust
Support Our Aging Religious!
Temme Family Trust
Tripifoods Foundation

12 Gates Brewing Company
800 Maple
Mrs. Cynthia Adamowsky
Adirondack Scenic Railroad
Adventure Landing
Albright Knox Art Gallery
Alethea’s Chocolates
Dr. and Mrs. Brian Anderson
Anderson’s Frozen Custard
Arbor Hill Grapery & Winery
Around the Corner Gift Shop
Asa Ransom House
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Ashenburg
Athenaeum Hotel
Attilio’s Restaurant
Ms. Pauline Barrick
Basil Leaf Ristorante
Edwin Beachler, Esq.
Beaver Meadows Golf Club
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beiswanger, Jr.
Bella Christie And Lil’ Z’s Sweet Boutique
Eugene and Patricia Bellis
Dr. and Mrs. William P. Berkery
Cheryl Besant
Betteanne and Dennis Riegle
Mrs. Grace Bickel
Big Burrito Restaurant Group
Bill Gray’s Restaurant
Stephanie Bilzor
Bird Kingdom
Black & Blue Steak and Crab
Ms. Christa Blain
Dr. and Mrs. James Blanchfield
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Bombard
Ms. Catherine Boule
Mr. and Mrs. John Boyle
Bradley’s Jewelers
Break’n Eggs Creperie
Brennan Stained Glass Studio, Inc.
Pilar Brown and Don Laird
BTI The Travel Consultants
Jonathan and Liz Buck
Buffalo & Erie County Naval & Military Park
Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bisons
Buffalo Brew Pub
Buffalo History Museum
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
Buffalo Sabres
Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow Museum
Bull & Bear Roadhouse
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Burkard
Rosa Buscaglia
Butler’s Golf Course
C&S Companies
Cafe Cimino Country Inn
Campobello’s Cucina Italiana
Caputi Wine & Liquor
Carnegie Cafe and Catering Company
Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Carrick
Catania Orthodontics
Cavalry Club
Paul and Kelli Cavo
Chautauqua Belle
Chudy Paper Co. Inc.
Cioppino Restaurant
Clarence Liquor Mart
The Clemente Museum
Columbian Financial Group
Colvin Cleaners
Antoinetta Contarin
Denise Cordone
Lauren Corigliano
Ms. Donna Costanzo
Shirley Cowan
Creekview Restaurant
Dr. and Mrs. Victor Croglio
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cummings
Curtze Food Service
Steve and Jill Czajkowski
D’Alessandro Funeral Home
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Damico
Darien Lake
Delta Sonic
Skip and Margaret DiCamillo
Mark DiDomenico
Mrs. Margaret L. DiMartino
Diocese of Pittsburgh
Dipson Theatres
Deacon and Mrs. Robert A. Dobmeier
Dreadnought Wines/Palate Partners
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Drescher
Dunk & Bright Furniture
Pat Dygert
The Eagle House
Eastern Security Services
Eckl’s Restaurant
Mrs. Alexandra Efthemis
El Palenque Mexican Gril
Elsbeth Rose East
Gerard Ettaro
Explore & More Children’s Museum
Explore Buffalo
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Finlay
Kathy Fiore
Francesca’s Cucina
Martha H. Frey
Ms. Sylvia Fritz
Rosemary Garrity
Gasparini Landscaping Company
Gateway Clipper Fleet
Georgetown Wine & Liquors
Ms. Rosemary Gillman
Francis Giovanniti
Gi-Ro Dry Cleaners
Glen Park Tavern
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Grabowski
Ms. Susan K. Gregg
The Grill at the Dome/Home of Sportzone
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O. Hamel, III
Hayes Seafood House
Barbara and Dave Hegenbarth
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Helmer
Janet Herczak
Herr Foods, Inc.
Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hitzges
Paul Hudson
Hueber-Breuer Construction Co., Inc.
Hyatt Place Buffalo/Amherst
Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse
Ilio Di Paolo Restaurant
Jake Hafner’s Restaurant and Tavern
Jim’s Steakout
Ms. Joanne H. Whelan
John’s Pizza and Subs
Kabab & Curry
Mrs. Barbara E. Kamrowski
Mrs. Anne M. Kemper
Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Kenville
Leon and Cynthia Komm
Kona Oasis
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Kopecky
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Krukowski
Mr. and Mrs. Peter O. LaBarge
Linda LaBella-Morgan
Laci’s Tapas Bar
Lakeview Resort
Christine Lamanna
Lamar Advertising
Ms. Mary Ann Lasker and Ms. Charlotte Mombrea
Miechle Latham
Ms. Karen A. Laurent
Ms. Trudi Lee
Ms. Rosaline Letiecq
Mike and Lynn Lewkowicz
Mrs. Mary Jane Long
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Longo
Longue Vue Club
Ms. Lucy Lorczak
Ms. Theresa Lorczak
Loughran’s Bar & Restaurant
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Luber
Beverly Ludlum
Richard and Mary Beth Lunghino
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Mac Isaac
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Magley
Magruders Restaurant
Ms. Alice M. Malick
Karen Marini
John and Cathy Mary
Mrs. Maria Mattina
Paul and Kathie Mazurkiewicz
Caryl McCaffrey
McCullagh Coffee
Lynn McMartin and Michael Madden
Melting Pot
Mid-Lakes Navigation Co., Ltd.
Mike’s Auto Service Center
Anita-Kaye Militello
Millennium Hotel
Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science & Technology
Mischler’s Florist
Mrs. Bernadine Moldoch
Ms. Rosella J. Morgano
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Murphy
Colleen K. Murray
Dave Muscoreil
Ms. Nancy Muserlian
David and Mary Nadolinski
National Baseball Hall of Fame
New York State Fair
Niagara Chocolates
Niagara County Historical Society
Niagara County Produce
Niagara Falls State Park
North Park Theatre
Mr. Frank Notaro
Dolores and Terry Nypaver
Oakmont Country Club
Ms. Rosemarie O’Bannion
Old Fort Niagara
Old Orchard Inn
The Olive Tap
Oliver’s Restaurant
Olympic Family Restaurant
The Original Pancake House
Painting with a Twist
Mrs. Maria Palamara
Parkhurst Dining
Paths, Peaks & Paddles
Paula’s Donuts
The Perfect Gift
Kathleen Peters
Pittsburgh CLO
Pittsburgh National Golf Club
Pittsburgh Opera
Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium
Pizza Plant
PNC Institutional Investments
Pompey Golf and Country Club
Povinelli Cutlery Inc.
Bill and Suzanne Powers
Johno and Maria Prascak
Premier Group
Raise Your Spirits
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis N. Ranalli
Lisa Ratka
Jim and Ann Riester
Ripa’s Restaurant
Ristorante Lombardo
Riviera Theatre
Roberts Office Furniture Concepts, Inc.
Rosamond Gifford Zoo
The Roycroft Inn
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Rumschik
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ruscitto
Russell’s Steaks, Chops & More
Salon in the Tower
Salvatores Italian Gardens
Santora’s Pizza Pub & Grill
Scharf’s German Restaurant and Bar
Timothy Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Schober
Madonna H. Schober
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Scott
Julie Seiberg
Seven Springs Mountain Resort
Siena Restaurant
Sky Zone Trampoline Park
Skylon Tower
Roxanne and Stephen Sopchak
Ms. Kathy Sportelli
Spring Lake Winery
Loretta Stalker
Steak Stone & Sushi
Stickley Audi & Co.
Stonewall Resort
Shawn Strauser
John Sweeney
Syracuse Crunch Hockey Club
Syracuse Stage
Tavern at Windsor Park
Timber Banks Golf Club
Mary and Gary Tomlin
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Tormey III
Totteridge Golf Course
Training Edge
The Trillium Floral Shoppe
University Center for International Studies
Betsy Van Sickle
Kathy Venezia
Viking Lobster Company
Mr. and Mrs. John Walsh
Wardynski Meats
Ed Wargala
The Andy Warhol Museum
Robert and Eileen Warner
Greg and Elaine Weber
Webster’s Bistro & Bar
Marion P. Welch
White Springs Winery
Mrs. Connie Monteleone Whitton
Wildwood Golf Club
Robert and Kathleen Yeske
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Zak, Jr.
John Zenger

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