> St. Francis Healthcare System: Caring for the People of Hawaii

St. Francis Healthcare System: Caring for the People of Hawaii

November 9, 2016

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Sister Barbara Jean Donovan, general minister of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities and Gael Sopchak, general manager of the congregation, visited St. Francis Healthcare System facilities in mid-October. They spent time with the St. Francis Healthcare System leadership team and took a tour of The Villas, the skilled nursing facility operated by Ohana Pacific Management on the Liliha campus.

Led by CEO Jerry Correa, the St. Francis leadership team gave Sister Barbara Jean and Gael an overview of the inspiring and exciting roadmap on how the St. Francis Healthcare System team is filling the community’s critical needs. It is important to note that Hawaii has one of the fastest growing senior population in the nation.

“Thank you so much for the orientation to St. Francis Healthcare System and all your plans for the future. You have surely found a niche of need and are creating a comprehensive way to meet it,” wrote Sister Barbara Jean to the St. Francis Healthcare team.

Excerpted from “Healthy Communities” e-newsletter, published by the St. Francis Healthcare System.