> St. Francis Day Message

St. Francis Day Message


By Sister Barbara Jean Donovan OSF

Today we celebrate the Transitus of our beloved founder St. Francis of Assisi, and tomorrow marks his Feast Day. It is no surprise to us that he is one of the Catholic Church’s most-loved saints. His devotion to creation, his care of the poor and his stand on social justice make him as relevant to today’s world as he was to his world more than 900 years ago.

The gap between the have and the have nots grows wider each day; climate change and our disposable lifestyle threatens our environment and endangers delicate species; and the intolerance for different religions, races and political views isolates us from one another. It makes us want to shout “Francis, where are you when we need you?”

The truth is, we all carry a little of Francis within us. We just need to show it. Let’s be as Francis was, a model for how all people should act. Let’s practice a random act of kindness every day until it becomes a part of our daily routine. Pray for Mother Earth, those who suffer from injustice and for those who are intolerant of others, so that they might change. Begin all your actions with the question “what would Francis do?” Just think — if all the ‘fans of Francis’ would do that, we could have Francis back with us in no time.