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Speaking of Bee-ing Creative


Jeanne Karp is a home infusion nurse who provides medicines and fluids to people through IVs in their homes. She continues to work during the pandemic and needed to be especially careful about contaminating her high-risk patients. With personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves in short supply at the pandemic’s outset, S. Jeanne had to find a way to keep her immunocompromised patients safe.

She found the perfect substitute — a bee keeper’s suit. Sister keeps bees and has the proper equipment to keep her safe from bee stings when collecting honey.  So, she purchased an extra bee suit, this time to keep her patients safe while she treated them. Now that’s bee-ing safe!

Medical masks and gloves are now available, so Sister has an extra suit for her bee keeping.

Caption: S. Jeanne Karp is dressed in a bee keeper’s suit to prevent contaminating medicines she prepares for her home infusion patients.