> Small God Moments Come in Big Snowfalls!

Small God Moments Come in Big Snowfalls!


By Gerianne Dobmeier, Associate and Staff member

Living in Buffalo can bring on some big challenges during the winter season. In fact, the Golden Snow Globe National Snow Contest currently lists Buffalo as the top U.S. city in 2021-2022. We have had some relief the past few years, but this year we are back to claiming our city’s reputation for snow and taking on the responsibility of clearing the driveways, walking paths, and stairs. The critical word is “WE.”

Many of our neighbors come and go, living in the outskirts of the inner city. Some speak in languages other than English. It can be difficult for us to communicate and form trusting friendships. But when a snowstorm hits Buffalo, that all goes to the wayside. Neighbors who have never had a conversation begin to connect by helping each other tackle the job ahead. A driver stuck in the middle of the road receives a push until the snow tires start to grab the snow again. People shoveling get offered a little snowplowing, so the task is not as cumbersome. Neighbors wake up pleasantly surprised and thankful to see their stairs cleared. Owners of parked cars get help to remove the snow from their vehicles. Broken-down snowplows get mechanical assistance from technically savvy neighbors. These are all God moments. They make you stop and think about the little gifts people share. When added up, they make one big grateful package of God Moments.