> Sisters registering as many people as they can to vote

Sisters registering as many people as they can to vote

October 13, 2020

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Having her volunteers register voters three days a week for the last two months in Youngstown, Ohio — not to mention the training and preparation beforehand — has been a lot of work, but Humility of Mary Sr. Ann McManamon said it’s worth it.

McManamon is director of the Dorothy Day House of Hospitality in Youngstown, where volunteers dress up in red, white and blue, set up a table on the sidewalk outside the center, and register everyone they can. The house offers evening meals, access to a safe place and a shower and community — and now the opportunity to register to vote.

Photo: Sr. Maria Salerno, of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities, has long volunteered with the Onondaga County Election Department in central New York. Here, she is seen working the polls in a previous (pre-pandemic) election, and Salerno plans to work the polls again Nov. 3.

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