> Sister Marion Moeser Honored for Longstanding Service

Sister Marion Moeser Honored for Longstanding Service


Sister Marion Moeser was honored at the annual Christ the King Seminary Alumni Dinner on Friday, Aug. 10 for her many years of service as an associate professor of Sacred Scripture at the seminary located in East Aurora, New York. While there, Sister Marion, now a professor emerita, taught seminarians, permanent deacon candidates and lay ministers from the United States and Canada.

“I have always been particularly in awe when we, as a group, in every setting, experience that God is present in our midst as we study and reflect on the Scriptures,” she says.  “The power of God in an educational setting is joyful and energizing!”  She hopes that her work will filter down to the people of God through good homilies and good scripture study given or led by her students.

Sister Marion earned a Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame. Her overarching field of study has been in Christianity and Judaism in the Ancient World. She has taught courses on the Old and New Testaments, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and early Rabbinic Judaism texts.

In addition to teaching, she is the author of several articles and the book “The Anecdote: Studies in Mark, the Classical World and the Rabbis.”

Congratulations, Sister Marion, for your many outstanding contributions and achievements!