> Sister Donna Marie Evans: Going the Distance to Serve

Sister Donna Marie Evans: Going the Distance to Serve

August 12, 2016

Sister Donna
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For 60 years, Sister Donna Marie Evans has devoted herself to serving others. She has graciously responded to every call for help she receives. Without hesitation, Sister Donna has lived in dangerous situations to help those most in need, all the while keeping her humor, spirit, and her optimism.

Presently, Sister Donna serves those without homes through ministry at St Francis Healthcare System’s Our Lady of Kea`au in Waianae. Every Tuesday Sister Donna oversees the meal preparation and distribution to those who are homeless.

After serving God’s people for six decades, she reflects on her life and what has kept her passionate through the years in this edition of Healthy Communities, published by the St. Francis Healthcare System in Honolulu Hawaii.

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