> Silence and Tranquility

Silence and Tranquility


By Sister Marianne Ferguson

The village of Williamsville, New York is home to Glen Park, where in the winter, the beautiful Glen Falls, creates a wondrous vision of silence and tranquility. The roar of the water ceases and only silence and stillness remain. As one relishes this peaceful atmosphere, one can easily forget that hidden under the quietness of mounds of ice and snow is the moving water, the actual essence of the frigid Glen Falls.

Just as the trickle of water goes unobserved by us, although it is the energizing force of the falls, so can the life force of the Spirit of God that runs through us remain unobserved. During Lent, let us put more effort into gaining awareness of the presence of God within us as we relate to our life giving Spirit. Let us ask God to bring to our consciousness more often, the love of God as we see it reflected in ourselves, the lives of others, creation and all the events that occur each day in our lives.