> Season of Creation – September 8th: Cry of the Poor

Season of Creation – September 8th: Cry of the Poor


Cry of the Poor

Laudato Si Action Platform calls us to respond to the cry of the poor. Sadly, those who live in poverty contribute to climate change the least but are impacted by it the most.  

  • Indigenous communities rely more on natural resources, so they are more likely to feel the impacts of floods, droughts, hurricanes, etc.
  • Poorer neighborhoods with substandard housing suffer the most during cold or hot weather spells.
  • Rising sea levels impact the shores of low-lying islands off Australia and Papua New Guinea, affecting the homes and livelihoods of indigenous residents.

Sister Fran Gangloff wrote this prayer for Cry of the Poor.

Help the Environment Without Leaving Home

Many of us clean out our closets as the seasons change, and we either throw out unwanted items or, with all good intentions, donate them to those in need. Items we throw away are glutting landfills, and donated clothing often goes to developing countries, where the organization Green America says it overwhelms local economies. What to do? Buy less! And when you do buy, purchase organic or green clothing.