> Respect Our Sister Water -International Day of Action for Rivers –

Respect Our Sister Water -International Day of Action for Rivers –


Sister Caryn Crook was among members of LCWR Region 4 who gathered at Allegheny River Front on Monday, March 14, to celebrate National Catholic Sisters Week and International Day of Action for Rivers. It was a beautiful warm spring day. Miguel, a Native American, chanted a wonderful thankfulness prayer, then Sister Kari Pohl from the Sisters of St. Joseph of Baden talked about the importance of our rivers. Sister Caryn led a prayer of repentance, followed by Sister Kari leading a prayer of commitment. We committed to using fewer plastics, cleaning up litter, and honoring Sister Water by caring for her. Many bags of trash were removed from the walking path, helping improve water quality in the river. The Rally even made the local evening news. At least five different religious communities were present, and Friends of the River Front, a new non-profit that helps clean up litter around the rivers. Sister Caryn signed up for a free River Cleanup kit that she will use with our Summer Service Camp and Franciscan Earth Corps that she is starting in Pittsburgh. Picking up litter seems minimal, but keeping soil and water free of degrading plastics helps keep them healthy. Let’s all do our part to care for our Sister Water.

We invite you to watch S. Caryn’s presentation at the International Day of Action for Rivers.