Mk 1

By S. Marianne Ferguson

Jesus left the Synagogue with some of the disciples to begin his day of healing and preaching. Entering Peter’s house, He healed his mother-in-law who immediately rose from her sick bed and waited on them. The celebrant of Notre Dame’s Sunday Mass said that the word to describe her action was deaconos because she was ministering to them. Jesus then spent the day healing the towns’ people. He began His next day with prayer in a deserted place, perhaps to energize Him for the purpose “for which he came”.

Perhaps we have felt the healing power of God during prayer.  The gift of self-knowledge can reveal much to us regarding our actions. The courage to amend our lives can be received. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of prayer to be healed might be the insight into our motives. Although mixed motives are the usual impetus for our actions, prayer can reveal the predominant reasons for our behavior. It is consoling to know that God allows us to tap into His power of healing during our prayer. May we follow the example of Jesus whose actions followed His prayer.