> Potpourri with Sister Marcia Klawon

Potpourri with Sister Marcia Klawon


When our Sisters began sharing residences with laymen and women, there were new ministry opportunities. Sister Marcia Klawon, 95 years old and the oldest Sister in the western New York region, initiated a clever way to bring together the Sisters and lay residents at Fredonia Place in Williamsville, New York.

Every other Monday, Sister Marcia holds a gathering of Sisters and lay residents to share various interesting topics, sing well-known past songs, and enjoy coffee or tea and sweet treats.

During this special hour, Sister Marcia encourages sharing inspiring newspaper articles like “Amy’s Column.”  She may read the questions in the advice column and ask those gathered to share their thoughts before she reads what the columnist advises. These articles often trigger personal concerns and challenges, prompting others to respond with suggestions and advice to help resolve these concerns. Sister Marcia always adds something inspirational to these discussions.

In addition to sharing and discussing the local, state, national or international news, Sister Marcia said, “Sometimes the news is good, and sometimes it is bad, but it is a social gathering, so I look for the good news and try to engage everyone.”

Following the news, Sister Marcia said, “Sometimes it’s a poem I share. I have also read some passages from Sister Kathy Osbelt’s book:  “Glimpses of God in You and Me” and they really liked that.”

Sister Marcia said about these gatherings, “I think it’s really good for the Sisters and lay residents to come together and share some time.” She added that the Sisters and lay residents, when leaving the gathering, always express their deep appreciation for the time spent together.