By Sister Alicia Damien Lau

As we learn early in life, everyone has their own perception on how things are and what
they see depends on their culture, education, and experiences.

The other day, as I was walking, I saw this beautiful rainbow over the house that I am
staying at and took a picture. I heard from different people on their interpretations of this
picture. As you look at, what do you see? What do you feel? What is this picture telling
you? What is your interpretation or perception?


As I looked carefully I can see on the left side of the rainbow, the clouds formed a face and breath coming-out of the mouth. Is this how COVID-19 spreads?
As we open our mouths, small particles or aerosols of our breath is released.


On the right side of the rainbow, another face is formed by the cloud and breath. Doesn’t it look like Fr. Damien of Molokai? He seems to be keeping watch over
Kalaupapa and praying with us with his head looking upward in these COVID-19 times.

Is this a reminder for all of us that COVID-19 is not going away soon. Social distance and wearing a mask is important. I wonder whether the appearance of the rainbow was a sign that Kalaupapa holds the mana (spirit) of so many people who have lived and died here.

The Spirits of Saint Damien and Saint Marianne live on in this sacred place called Kalaupapa!