By Sister Zoe Ellen McClure 

 A sound came 

Rushing, whistling, 

Sonic booming 

Then sudden stillness 

Like a hurricane’s eye 

They were in it! 


And fire came alive 

Overhead and brighting  

Shining fearful consoling 

They looked 

They saw 

Tongues of fire 

Over one another 

Is there one over me? 


Then came power 

And fearless energy 

And boldness  

The Greeks call parrhesia 

It is boldness! 


And they came alive 

For ministry 

To proclaim the Christ 

To listeners 

And the curious to 

The ends of the earth 



It didn’t end there 

We know 

The same fire 

Anoints today and 

All the yesterday’s 

Since then.  


They went out 

From that fire touched place 

And no longer feared 

No longer cringed 

No longer saw 

What they might lose 

Even life 


Because they 

Were on fire 

To preach and be  

The gospel 

The word 

The Christ 

To all. 


And today 

We go out 

To bring 

The Christ 

By love