Our mission in Peru can be traced back to Pope John XXIII’s plea in the 1960s to all religious orders for increased labor in mission fields. Responding to this plea, our congregation’s attention became focused on Peru as a country whose political, social and religious climate seemed favorable.

More than 40 years ago, three sisters arrived in Peru to help staff a school. Since then our sisters have moved on to meet other educational, pastoral and health care needs of people in fishing and rural villages and in the missions high in the Andes. The presence of the sisters has drawn Peruvian women to enter the congregation or to connect with the congregation as Franciscan associates. As a result, a formation program for women interested in joining the congregation as vowed religious or our Franciscan Associate program has evolved and taken root in Peru.

Recent News


Congratulations and blessings to Sister Lastenia Paz Reina honored recently for her 30 years of service as a nurse technician at Naval Family Hospital in Lima, Peru where she has brightened the lives of patients, families and staff.

Santa Rosa de Lima Montessori School

Located about 70 minutes south of Lima in the rural village of Quebrada Verde, Santa Rosa de Lima Montessori School offers hope to the youngest local residents and their families. Founded by Sister Francis Clare DeGracia, the school serves families, most of whom live in extreme poverty. Tuition is $25 per month and provides for school supplies and a snack. No student is turned away because of an inability to pay. Your donation will enable the school to hire more teachers and increase enrollment.

To donate to Santa Rosa de Lima Montessori School, click donate now, select other, and enter “Santa Rosa de Lima Montessori School.”


For more information about our ministry in Peru, contact:

Sister Cristina Florez

Our ministry in Peru continues with the presence of three sisters:

Sister Cristina Florez ministers as supervisor of religion and helps religion teachers improve their class preparation. She is also a registered psychologist and donates her services in the local parish. In addition, Sister Christina is the director of the formation program instructing Peruvian women who are discerning to join the congregation.

Sister Lastenia Paz-Reina is a nurse technician at the Naval Hospital in Lima and is a volunteer in the local parish and participates in a neighborhood bible study group.

Sister Reyna Jesusa Ontón Ñahui serves as youth minister at the San Miguel Archangel Church in the San Miguel district of Lima. A certified physical therapy technician, she also volunteers to help children who are developmentally disabled at the Catholic Center in Pachacutec. Located two hours from her home, Pachacutec is a small village in the Callao slum district of Peru where families live in marginal conditions.