26 June 2020

The Little Skinny Tree


Sister Rosemary Bucchi What I write here may seem very simple or even childlike, but my spirituality is very simple, personal and Franciscan. I believe in, trust in and above all have a great love for the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I always taught children that praying was talking to God, that they should in their [...]

17 June 2020

Ministering in the Time of COVID-19

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The Catholic high school where Sister Mary McCaffrey teaches the sacraments and moral theology is in Westchester County, a coronavirus hotspot from the virus’ early days in New York State. Instruction moved online with a strict schedule — teachers make assignments by 8:00 a.m., students complete work that day and teachers are to have grades [...]

12 June 2020

Finding Jesus in the Temple

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Amber Alert: 12-year-old Boy Missing By Sister Marion Moeser As I write this (May 8), the New York State Police have issued an Amber Alert for a 9-year-old missing boy, Gustavo, probably kidnapped. The alert features the boy's name, hair and eye colors, and what he is wearing.  All were asked to be on the [...]

11 June 2020

The Unconditional Love of Mother Marianne

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By Sister Barbara Jean Wajda When St. Marianne Cope served the people of the Sandwich/Hawaiian Islands, she was affectionately known as Mother Marianne, a name still used today by the remaining patients and Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities.  Mother Marianne’s multiple virtues can all be summed up in one phrase — unconditional [...]

4 June 2020


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The Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities condemn the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police and the institutional racism throughout the United States that his murder represents.  Mr. Floyd’s death is another link forged in the chain of inhumane and cruel treatment of people of color. Violence and disrespect [...]

2 June 2020

Ministering in the Time of COVID-19 – Sister Annie Bremmer


Sister Annie Bremmer is the assistant for a large western Pennsylvania parish. Her duties include everything from organizing parish outreach events and working with the parish food pantry volunteers to teaching faith formation classes to some 700 students. With approximately 4,000 families and seven worship sites in the parish, sheltering in place due to a [...]