> New Beginnings at Timau Mission

New Beginnings at Timau Mission


By S. Joanne Gangloff

New beginnings…..our convent in Timau is now a novitiate and novice mistress S. Mary has already moved in with five second-year novices.  Here they are with Fr. Moses, the very dynamic parish priest. May they enjoy the house and surroundings as much as many of our sisters have over past years.

As the coronavirus allows, Fr. Moses will revive our technical school so that more young people can gain job skills. He has already absorbed all of our St. Elizabeth School children into the parish school Our Lady of Visitation. The speed with which he and the other two parish priests have bonded with them is reflected in this comment from one of the sponsored children to her sponsor: “Our new school is wonderful. It has many classes and many children, cows and goats and sheep and chickens, gardens for food, and three priests who love us very much.”

Our aim for the sponsorship program is to get all of our children through school when they can return to classes. Our high school and college students also will continue their studies. We also are continuing medical help to the sick, especially those with TB and AIDS, and we are building houses for those who live in deteriorating thatch huts or substandard shacks. This is possible through liaising with sponsors here and our social workers and Fr. Moses there.

In a nutshell, everything continues.  The children have a school, the Technical School will resume, the scholarship program, medical and housing programs are all ongoing, and the former St. Elizabeth campus will be converted into a Diocesan Catechetical Center.