By Sister Marcella Nachreiner

The second Monday in February is National Clean Out Your Computer Day, a day  to take some time to free your computer from all of its clutter and start fresh.

Just like in real life, it is very easy to collect useless and unimportant files on your computers and desktops. Review your files, make folders for the important ones and delete files and pictures you can’t remember why you saved them in the first place.

Today is also the day to physically clean your computer by wiping it down.  Remove fingerprints on the screen; dust off the outside with a dry soft cloth. Clean the dust buildup out of the fan using a can of compressed air. You can also use a few short bursts of compressed air to dust out your keyboard and mouse.

Keeping your files and folders tidy in your virtual world and clearing the dust and grime that builds up inside and outside your computer, play an important part in keeping your machine running smooth day in and day out.