The Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities were part of the kick-off event for the inaugural National Catholic Sisters Week March 8 through 14 at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minn. The university received a three-year Hilton Foundation grant to help bring greater visibility to the contributions of women religious, as part of Women’s History Month (March). Sister Caryn Crook, Franciscan ecology coordinator at Alverna Heights in Fayetteville, N.Y attended the event along with Maggie Byrne, campus minister at Syracuse University. They joined women religious and young women from across the country for a weekend of storytelling, workshops and prayer.

Read about the event in The Catholic Sun.

Who are the Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities?

The Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities, who claim St. Marianne Cope as one of their own, is a congregation of more than 460 vowed women religious whose Franciscan spirit motivates them to continue God’s work and respond to God’s people wherever there is a need. The sisters serve in 12 states, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Africa and Peru.

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From the traditional works in education and health care, we have expanded our ministries to meet today’s needs.

Currently sisters minister in:
• education and school/university administration
• campus ministry
• parishes and diocesan administration
• social justice services and counseling
• hospice, health care and health care administration
• congregational leadership
• prayer ministry, honoring the many requests
for prayer submitted to the sisters

Here are just some examples of what we do and where we are:

Ebert, Marie Joette 180x270Sister Marie Joette Ebert
Elementary Teacher
Washington, D.C.
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Fabo_Concetta 180x270 NEWSister Concetta Fabo
Retreat Program Director
Skaneateles, N.Y.
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Ah Chick Davilyn 180x270Sister Davilyn Ah Chick
Ewa Beach, Hawaii
Argus_maryann 180x270 NEWSister Maryann Argus
Math Teacher/Technology
Syracuse, N.Y.
Barrett, Jean 180x270Sister Jean Barrett
Pastoral Associate
St. Petersburg, Fla.
Carney, Margaret 180x270Sister Margaret Carney
University President
St. Bonaventure, N.Y.
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Eleniki, William Marie 180x270Sister William Marie Eleniki
CEO, St. Francis Healthcare Foundation
Honolulu, Hawaii
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Susany, Suzanne 180x270Sister Suzanne Susany
Immigration Attorney
Pittsburgh, Pa.
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McTarnaghan, Marie 180x270Sister Marie McTarnaghan
Prayer Ministry
Williamsville, N.Y.
Gangloff, Joanne 180x270Sister Joanne Gangloff
Timau, Kenya, Africa
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Thomson, Catherine 180x270Sister Catherine Thomson
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Germuska, James Ann 180x270Sister James Ann Germuska
CEO, Crosskeys Human Services, Inc.
Brownsville, Pa.
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Jackson, Michelle 180x270Sister Michele Jackson
Pastoral Counselor
Buffalo, N.Y.
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Lunskis, Jonathan 180x270Sister Jonathan Lunskis
Radiologic Technologist
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Kaczmarek, Agnes 180x270Sister Agnes Kaczmarek
Shelter Assistant
Albuquerque, N.M.
Karp, Jeanne 180x270Sister Jeanne Karp
Home Infusion Nurse Specialist
Bensalem, Pa.
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Karwowski_Margaret_Christi 180x270 NEWSister Margaret Christi Karwowski
Adjunct Professor
Washington, D.C.
Nachreiner, Marcella 180x270Sister Marcella Nachreiner
Information Technology Manager
Williamsville, N.Y.
Kopozenski_Rosaire 180x270 NEWSister Rosaire Kopczenski
Pittsburgh, Pa.
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Niederpruem_Beth 180x270 NEWSister Beth Niederpruem
Social Worker, VIVE LaCasa
Buffalo, N.Y.
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Magill, Eileen 180x270Sister Eileen Magill
CEO, Christian Housing
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Paz Reina, Lastenia 180x270Sister Lastenia Paz Reina
Nurse Technician
Lima, Peru

Podesia, Helen Paul 180x270Sister Helen Paul Podesla
Business Manager
Mt. Vernon, N.Y.
Ridgeo_James Peter 180x270 NEWSister James Peter Ridgeo
Coordinator of Medical Services
Syracuse, N.Y.
Walter, Colette 180x270Sister Colette Walter
Household Coordinator, Francis House
Syracuse, N.Y.
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Sister Conchetta LoPresti 180x270Sister Conchetta LoPresti
Pastoral Minister
Adjunct Professor
Interpreter for Deaf
Cheektowaga, N.Y.
Snyder, Grace 180x270Sister Grace Snyer
Claims Processor
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mishurda, Mary Ann 180x270Sister Mary Ann   Mishurda
Pastoral Minister
English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher
Lubbock, TX

Our history

The Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities was formed in 2004 through the union of three autonomous Franciscan congregations in Hastings-on-Hudson, Syracuse and Williamsville, N.Y. Subsequently a merger with the Franciscan congregation in Pittsburgh, Pa. occurred in 2007.

Historically, all these communities share the same Franciscan heritage that grew out of a Philadelphia congregation founded by Sister Mary Francis Bachmann, Sister Mary Margaret Boll and Sister Bernardina Dorn with the guidance of St. John Neumann (then Bishop of Philadelphia) in 1855. Embracing this Franciscan legacy, today we remain rooted in the Gospel as we serve God’s people with reverence, justice and compassion.

Furthering the legacy of Saint Marianne Cope

St-Marianne-Cope-880x550St. Marianne Cope, a Sister of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities, was canonized Oct. 21, 2012. She is the first Franciscan woman from North American to be canonized, and only the 11th American saint. A woman of great valor, this beloved mother of outcasts, spent her early years in central New York where she served as a leader in the field of health care, education and of her own congregation. Responding to a call to care for the poor sick on the then Sandwich Islands, she devoted 35 years to caring for those afflicted with Hansen’s disease on Kalaupapa, Molokai, Hawaii.

Visit our official website to learn more about the life and ministry of St. Marianne Cope and the canonization process.

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