> Merry Mask Makers Save Lives

Merry Mask Makers Save Lives


Throughout our Community, several sisters have earned the title of “Merry Mask Maker” during this pandemic. Sister Barbara Ann Sansone is the gifted mask magician at the Villa St. Francis in Peekskill, NY. Working steadily at her sewing machine S. Barbara has completed 60 masks for a hospital or health care facility in need.

Sister Barbara received the cotton material and elastic from Sister Laura, FMSC, who was looking for someone with the talent needed to make face coverings in response to Governor Cuomo’s New York State on Pause requirements. “I saw it as a terrific ministry opportunity in this time of the pandemic,” says Sister Barbara. “It can ultimately make everyone safer.”

Now that everyone is required to wear masks when out in public, the masks are a much-appreciated commodity. A special shout–out of thanks to Sister Barbara Ann and all the Merry Mask Makers throughout the Community!