Sister Donna

Meet Sister Donna

Nature Lover, Justice Seeker, Bird Watcher

Sister Michele

Meet Sister Michele

Beacon of Hope, Light and God’s Love

Sister Pat

Meet Sister Pat

Spiritual Caregiver, Mother and Grandmother

Sister Conchetta LoPresti

Meet Sister Conchetta

Communicator, Teacher, Advocate

Sister Patricia

Meet Sister Patricia

Advisor, Guide,
Sister of St. Francis

Sister Joette

Meet Sister Joette

Educator, Advocate for the Poor, Entertainer

Sister Jeanne

Meet Sister Jeanne

Follower of the Spirit, Creative, Happy

Sister James

Meet Sister James Ann

Listener, Activist, Justice Seeker


Meet Sister Cheryl

Administrator, Swimmer, Listener


Meet Sister Laura

Musician, Nature Lover, Crafter

Sister Caryn

Meet Sister Caryn

Peace Seeker, Swimmer, Ecologist


Meet Sister Suzanne

Justice Seeker, Tennis Player,
Sister of St. Francis

Sister Eileen

Meet Sister Eileen

Musician, Animal lover, Healer


Meet Sister Frances

Caregiver, Teacher, Manager

Sisters Joan Souza and Veronica Wood

Meet Sisters Joan and Veronica

Pre-Vatican II, Post Vatican II Views

We invite you to meet more of our sisters. Join us at a Come and See Weekend or contact our vocation ministers for more information.