> Mark 1: Urgency

Mark 1: Urgency


By Marianne Ferguson

Paul tells us that time is running out, Jesus picks for his disciples men who immediately respond to his call by leaving family and livelihood because the “Kingdom of God” is at hand. Reminds me of a story of three devils who were trying to gain followers. One claimed they should tell people that there was no Hell so they would not fear punishment; the next said that there was no heaven so they would get no rewards; and the third said that there was plenty of time before accountability.

Yet Christ showed an urgency to act now to spread the kingdom. It is so easy to put off that phone call to the Sister in the hospital, or wait to write the note of condolence to one who is suffering.  It is so easy to delete an email that can be an opportunity of grace to respond “now.” Yesterday I finally took time to speak with the electrician that I have greeted every morning for months. He told me it was his last day.

Mother Marianne responded quickly to the urgent message to care for people with leprosy in Hawaii.  Perhaps she could help us to respond more quickly to the needs of others as we try to promote the Kingdom that Jesus proclaimed.