> Maisie NG, Our New Candidate is Here!

Maisie NG, Our New Candidate is Here!


It has been a long time waiting, but Maisie Ng (pronounced “Macey” “Ing”) arrived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on September 10 to begin her Candidate year at the Dwelling Place Convent.   

Maisie entered the community on the weekend of a milestone birthday and Sisters Suzanne Susany, Karen Krebbs, Amy Williams and Laura Hackenberg welcomed her with open arms, prepared to celebrate the weekend with her! There was a 50th birthday celebration for Maisie on September 11 with Sisters Barbara Jean Donovan, Veronica Wood, Caryn Crook and Annie Bremmer among the invitees. 

On Sunday we officially welcomed Maisie into the candidate program with a prayer service at the Waters of Wexford, with our sisters in residence there sharing in the prayer service. At the end of the service, they extended their hands in blessing over Maisie as they sang the Blessing of St. Francis. Maisie said that she felt God’s overflowing love coming from the prayer as the sisters blessed her, and she knows that love in turn flows through her to others. 

Let us continue to keep Maisie in prayer as she transitions to her new life as a Sister of St. Francis.