> LOOK FOR THE LIGHT – Matthew 20:17-23 “The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve.”

LOOK FOR THE LIGHT – Matthew 20:17-23 “The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve.”

March 11, 2020

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By Sister Marianne Ferguson

We all know people who have done outstanding service to others through institutions and personal efforts. However the aging process for many of us has curtailed some corporal activities. Nevertheless our Creator, whose Spirit runs through all His creatures, has endowed us with his own creative giftedness to find alternative ways to serve others.

Our desire has not declined, but our creative abilities to follow the example of Jesus are challenged. We were all impressed with the recent movie, “It’s a Wonderful Day” with the listening ability of Mr. Rodgers who often did not have to leave his movie set to be effective.  Our opportunities to serve may become more subtle, but likewise in the Spirit of the One Who came to serve, we may find opportunities to increase our awareness of the inconspicuous needs of others. We can see the person struggling with the doors, but what about the person struggling to remember a word or a name? Perhaps while watching the selfless efforts of others, we might recognize the opportunity to commend and encourage worthy actions.

Perhaps our greatest challenge in trying to emulate the actions of Jesus, is to recognize the inconsistencies our motives. We might ask the Spirit to help us discern the real motives behind our good deeds, but at the same time appreciate the joy that accompanies the good deeds performed for the love of God and neighbor.