> Lenten Reflection

Lenten Reflection

Our Ministries Around the World

By Sister Margaret Carney

Aware as no other generation before us, we see on the nightly news and in the morning newspaper the suffering sea of humanity across the world. Amidst this backdrop, how can we be instruments of God’s peace?

The core of Franciscan spirituality is the striving to enter into the divine heart, to feel the anguish of suffering love that God feels for the world – “put on the mind of Christ.” Francis sought to know God in the passion. We too, are called to participate in the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus, not just at the end of our life, but in each moment of life’s journey. Our participation in the way of the cross is the way of active love – we are constantly called into the encounter with suffering and we, of all people, should always be ready to see the redemptive power at work.

We need to go to a very deep place of contemplation to find the way to be instruments of peace at this time in our nation’s history. We are invited, this Lent, to become dual citizens. Citizens of the USA – which appears to have lost its way, and citizens of the country of love.