> Lady Poverty Today – Saint Clare

Lady Poverty Today – Saint Clare


Sister Marie Blum




During Lent, we are called on to pray, fast and give alms. In her prayer reflection for our “Lent through a Franciscan Lens,” Sister Marie Grace “Trudi” Blum sees almsgiving not as money but as sharing God’s abundant love.


Lady Poverty Today

St. Clare

By S. Grace Marie Blum


Every tiny insight, or

Each voluminous awareness,

All presentments of Love,

Bundled together belong to Creator-God.


Each, every simple visitation is a God-given gift

Shared from His loving, open hands. Ever-ready generosity: not mine to hoard; called to give, share,

and serve.


With hearts, our souls, soiled with wear and the

Tears of conversion, still struggling ‘to do it

Our way’ we stand in wonderment of the given

moment. Not only accepted by Divine Love, but

Shown our gifts, one by one, His gracious need

For each to carry His love forward in this suffering

world today.


Is not this heavenly act a flash of revelation: today’s Poverty of spirit? With our out-stretched open hands,

Not seizing Divine Energy, talents or gifts, but called to share His Redeeming Love!

With angels and saints, amazed, we bow in deepest awe and praise.


Almighty and Generous God, 0pen our minds to understand, to take delight in, and to give of your

Sacred Abundance.