> Join Us in Praying the Novena to Saint Marianne Cope

Join Us in Praying the Novena to Saint Marianne Cope

St. Marianne Cope

In celebration of the anniversary of St. Marianne’s death (Aug. 9, 1918), the Saint Marianne Cope Shrine & Museum invites you to pray her novena. A novena is made up of nine days of prayer and meditation and can be used to ask saints to pray for us. Each day’s prayer is spoken with an intention as we ask our saint to intercede and pass our prayer on to God, with whom we know they are.

In praying St. Marianne’s novena in commemoration of her passing, we ask for special prayers for those who carry on her legacy of dignity, compassion and care for all.

For each of the next nine days we will pray for those who provide:

1. Service to the poor
2. Education and medical care
3. The comforts of home and beauty
4. Care to the servants
5. Compassion for the suffering
6. Cheerful hospitality
7. Prayerful work
8. Dignity in life and death
9. Inclusion for all

We will highlight these Syracuse, New York service organizations each of the days, however, we encourage you to pray for people and places that “Carry the Torch” of service in your area.

1. St. Marianne Cope Center (Road to Emmaus Ministry of Syracuse, Inc.)
2 . Northside Ministries (Franciscan Church of the Assumption)
3. Onondaga Earth Corps
4. Clear Path for Veterans
5. Purpose Farm
6. Mother Marianne Westside Kitchen (St. Joseph & St. Patrick Church)
7. Brady Faith Center Ministries
8. Francis House
9. ARISE, Inc.

May your prayers provide hope to a world in need of God’s love.