> JOHN 20:11:18 Mary Magdalene

JOHN 20:11:18 Mary Magdalene


By Sister Marianne Ferguson

After Mary Magdalene showed Peter and the other Apostle the empty tomb, they went home, but she sat, staring at the empty tomb. We wonder at her thoughts; were they wishful thinking? Grief over the loss of the man she loved? Was she expecting him to return? Were these thoughts so overwhelming that she did not recognize Jesus when he did appear?

We might examine the intensity of our self-centered thoughts that prevent us from seeing Jesus in certain persons and circumstances. We might have trouble recognizing Jesus in people whose behavior annoys us, or in weather that depresses us, or in the increasing restrictions caused by the virus. Fortunately, these moments do not last too long.

We can identify with Mary Magdalene in her strong attraction to Jesus. We may experience moments of deep affection for him. There are times when new insights about our relationship with God permeate our minds and hearts. Unfortunately, these moments are brief and like Magdalene, we want to hang on to them. We too, grieve the loss of these experiences, but hold on to the expectation that they will return when we, with Jesus, will ascend to His and our Father.