> January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month


We invite you to join with us in our efforts to eradicate this form of modern-day slavery.


Take a few moments to discover how every action counts when combating the effects of human trafficking.

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Loving God,
We seek your divine protection for all who are exploited and enslaved.
For those forced into labor, trafficked into sexual slavery, and denied freedom.
We beseech you to release them from their chains.
Grant them protection, safety, and empowerment.
Restore their dignity and provide to them a new beginning.
Show us how we might end exploitation by addressing its causes.
Help us reach out in support of victims and survivors of human trafficking.
Make us instruments of your spirit for their liberation.
We ask this through Christ, the liberator of all. Amen.


Learn more online at U.S. Sisters against Human Trafficking.

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Be Alert

Know the red flags that may indicate sex trafficking:

  • Are there bruises or other signs of physical abuse?
  • Is the person submissive or fearful?
  • Is the person being controlled?
  • Is the person allowed to be in public alone?
  • Does a minor appear to be in a relationship with a much older person?
  • Does the person fear his or her employer?
  • Can the person leave their job situation if they want?
  • Does the person have identification?
  • Does the person know his or her own address?

To report a potential case of trafficking, contact the National Human Trafficking Center 1-888-3737-888.


“How does the Prince of Peace call me to work to defend the dignity of all my brothers and sisters?”