> January 23 is the feast day of our own Saint Marianne Cope

January 23 is the feast day of our own Saint Marianne Cope

St. Marianne Cope

Flash prayer

On the morning of Friday, January 23, we invite you to join us in a flash prayer to St. Marianne.

At 7 a.m., the time of her birth, pray:

“Lord Jesus, you who gave us your commandment of love of God and neighbor, and identified yourself in a special way with the most needy of your people, hear our prayer. Faithful to your teaching, St. Marianne Cope loved and served her neighbor, especially the most desolate outcast, giving herself generously and heroically for those afflicted by leprosy. She alleviated their physical and spiritual sufferings, thus helping them to accept their afflictions with patience. Her care and concern for others manifested the great love you have for us. Through her merits and intercession, grant us the favor which we confidently ask of you so that the people of God, following the inspiration of her life and apostolate, may practice charity towards all according to your word and example. Amen.

Through the intercession of St. Marianne Cope, I ask for the grace of (mention your request).”

Feast day celebration events


Special Exhibit at the Saint Marianne Cope Shrine & Museum, in Syracuse, New York focuses on the stories of Central New York women leaders who are inspired by St. Marianne. Running through February, this special exhibit features quotes from central New York women including:

  • Kathy Ruscitto, president and chief executive officer, St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Care Center• Dr. Linda LeMura, president, LeMoyne College
  • Doreen Simmons, partner and leader of the environmental practice at Hancock Estabrook, LLP
  • Margaret Ryan Martin, vice-president of development, Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation
  • Danielle Cummings, chancellor, Diocese of Syracuse

For more information about the shrine and museum and St. Marianne Cope. >


January 18: St. Marianne’s Feast Day Celebration in Kalaupapa, Molokai, Hawaii
St. Marianne’s feast day celebration with patients on Kalaupapa will begin with liturgy at St. Francis Church at 10:30 a.m., followed by lunch and a tour of St. Elizabeth Convent and chapel, Mother Marianne’s grave, and Kalaupapa. This celebration is “sold out” and there is a waiting list of people who would like to attend. There will be other opportunities for pilgrimages to Kalaupapa during 2015.

January 23: St. Marianne’s Feast Day Celebration at the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, Honolulu, Hawaii
St. Marianne’s great, great nephew, Dr. Paul DeMare, and great, great nieces Meg Burnett, Denise Parry and Patricia Wood will be in attendance. A reception will follow the 6 p.m. liturgy.

For more information about St. Marianne events in Hawaii, please contact Sister Alicia Damien Lau, 808.348.7701 adlau@sosf.org.