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Instruments of Hope


Associate Lyn Grandits
To me, hope is the deep faith that nothing will ever happen that God is not in complete control of. It is the knowing that, no matter what, he is always active in working in my life.

Sister Pauline Marie Willman
I have hope because our sisters and many other people are praying for peace and all issues which concern all of the residents of our country and world. I give hope by trying to maintain a positive attitude toward events.

Sister Catherine Noecker
I have hope because God has promised to be with me no matter what and I know God keeps promises! I give hope by trying my best to reflect this belief in the way I greet and treat each person I meet.

Associate Chris Anspach
I have hope because I believe in heaven and am journeying towards it. I give hope by smiling and sharing my excitement about my relationship with God and all He has given to me.

Associate Sheila Long
To me, hope is like faith, and I’m hoping that if we all really concentrate on acts of kindness toward everyone, towards strangers, towards our close friends and family that kindness will spread through the world and bring us peace, the peace that we so desperately need.

Sister Roberta Smith
I have hope because when the fickle winds of support vanish, hope unfurls her sails and despite the doldrums, moves on. I give hope by accepting the reality of life with all its beauties and tragedies and remain a peaceful and compassionate presence.

Sister Ann Helene Koenig
Hope is the belief that a petition is available, after you’ve placed the petition in the hands of God through the gift of faith. My source of hope is faith in God, knowing that he will be there to guide and direct me throughout my life. I try to give others hope by reminding them that they belong to God and that he’s walking with them on their journey and he will open his arms to greet them someday in heaven.

Associate Mary Petrich
I am 89-years-old and I live in an apartment community for senior adults. I zip around in my wheelchair to visit one special resident who is 101-years-old. We share hope along with precious memories, and perhaps a treat like my strawberry pie that I make. We may sing “Let Me Call You Sweetheart,” and we always pray before I leave.

Sister Beth Niederpruem

Franciscan hope is deep trust in God and in people. My source of hope is people and their goodness to one another, especially to one another in good times and in bad. I work with refugees and people seeking asylum in the U.S. and Canada and they are people of hope, so I think I can give hope to them and they can give it to me, especially that I can welcome them and give them safety and something to hope in for the future.

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