> He Chose to Go The Extra Mile

He Chose to Go The Extra Mile


He Chose to Go the Extra Mile

John 3:16

By S. Marianne Ferguson

Franciscans emphasize love as God’s primary motive for sending His Son into the world so that those who believed in Him would have eternal life.

It seems difficult sometimes to understand that love would cause Jesus so much suffering. Theologians tell us that He could have accomplished our salvation with much less pain, but to prove His love, He chose to go the “extra mile.”

We have been so overwhelmed by the immensity of Jesus’ love for us that we look for chances to reciprocate in the only ways we know how. We have many opportunities to go the “extra mile” to express our love for others. Perhaps spending extra time with God in prayer would help us recognize the opportunities and give us the strength to carry them out gracefully with the nudge of the Holy Spirit.