> Have a Good Night!

Have a Good Night!


Every evening at about 5:30 P.M., Sisters Bernadette Pauline Battaglia, Mary Ann Reis, and Elise Renk journey from the farthest reach of the third floor east at The Waters to the first floor to say goodnight to concierge Patricia Hienz as she prepares to end her workday. The sisters say they just love Patty and wouldn’t miss an afternoon’s trip down to wish her well.

For Patty, the warm feelings are definitely mutual. She looks forward to the sisters’ arrival and to their loving greeting. The sisters also check the mailroom and look for announcements for coming events during this daily journey, but wishing Patty well is the primary motive for their trip.

Few residents or staff notice this daily event because different people pass by the concierge desk each day. S. Jonathan Lunskis, pointed out the sisters’ daily visit. S. Jonathan wanted people to know how these senior sisters are ministering so beautifully. She was right! Not only Patty and the three sisters benefit from this ministry, but the whole of The Waters community increases its atmosphere of caring by this daily pilgrimage.