By Sister Marcella Nachreiner OSF

God’s hands are creative, loving hands. The heavens above are the work of his hands.
So is the earth below “In his hands are the depths of the earth; the tops of the mountains are his also. His is the sea, for he has made it, and the dry land, which his hands have formed.” (Ps 95:4-5) We are all the prized products of God’s creative hands; and in his love affair with us, God holds hands with us wherever we are and wherever we go. He has his own unique way of never forgetting us for he tells us “See upon the palm of my hand I have written your name. (Isaiah 49:16).

Jesus has the creative, loving hands of his heavenly Father for “the Father loves the Son and has given all things into his hands” (John 3:35). He took a blind man by the hand, led him out of the village, laid His hands upon his eyes and the man was restored and saw clearly. Jesus does more than touch us or take us by the hand. He holds us in is hands and holds us tightly but gently.

We also have creative, loving hands like our Father’s and our Brother’s. Experience the fullness, the strength and maturity of your hands. Think of all the learning your hands have done and how many activities they have mastered.

Our hands are not just for ourselves but for others. Remembers all the kinds of work they have done, the tiredness and aching they have known, the cold and the heat. Remember the tears they have wiped away, our own or another’s, the healing they have experienced. How much hurt, anger and even violence they have expressed; and how much gentleness and love they have given. There are the hands of a doctor, a nurse, an artist— hands which we never forget. How often these hands have been folded in prayer, a sign of their powerlessness and of their power.

We who began almost as a handicap, a mere measure of mud in our God’s hands have become “a glorious crown in the hand of the Lord” (Isaiah 62:3). Our reaction ought to be one of joy “clap your hands” in the joy that you are a hand-picked person who can now give God a hand — your hand — to continue to create and to love as only you can.