> Education has a new look during Covid19 for S. Rita Marie

Education has a new look during Covid19 for S. Rita Marie


After last semester’s online education program, students, teachers and staff of All Saints Catholic Academy in Bayonne, New Jersey are back in the classroom. Principal S. Rita Marie Fritzen says they started the school year with “most of the students back in school.” They are taking precautions, including temperature scanners at the entrance door, teachers wearing face masks and face guards and the in-school students are sitting behind desk guards. Some students continue with online schooling, which also is going well. “Even the gym, music, art and computer teachers are able to give time to the virtual students,” S. Rita reports.

There are challenges, however. S. Rita says they’ve had to give up the fun gatherings like student assemblies and fundraising without live events is more difficult. She’s hoping a virtual fundraising event will help her meet the school’s budget.

Rita began moving All Saints to online textbooks and virtual classes two years ago, so when New Jersey closed schools due to the coronavirus pandemic last March, her teachers and students were online and ready to go the following Monday. A true Woman of Vision!