Meet Sister Danielle

Ministry: Initial Formation, Syracuse, N.Y.

“As Franciscans we are called to an itinerant life,” says Sister Danielle. This proved true for her early in her response to the call to religious life. Originally from La Miranda in southern California, and now living at St. Mary of the Angels in Williamsville, N.Y., Sister Danielle says that the distance from family is very challenging. However, she says, “Living in community is helpful because I can lean on others who help me through the rough spots.”

During her time in formation, Sister Danielle has the opportunity to spend time in the various regions of the congregation. Getting to know the sisters in each region and serving in ministry in the regions is a way of seeing the broad scope of the congregation. “It’s a real gift,” she says.

Commenting on the future of religious life, Sister Danielle says, “I hope to continue to be rooted in the charism of the community. “I appreciate the witness the sisters show in their ministries and all that one can do as a religious. I get energized when I come home and go out in ministry”

She notes that religious life is changing. “I hope to be okay with what’s coming, to work with the poor and those in need. I’m not daunted by fewer members. Essentially, the mission is still the same. There is a joy that comes with being Franciscan.”