> Children in Kenya are showered with pennies from heaven

Children in Kenya are showered with pennies from heaven

Sponsor a child in Africa

The 1936 hit song, “Pennies from Heaven,” was brought to life recently thanks to the generosity of children from St. Anthony’s School in Greenville, S.C. Although the families and children from kindergarten through sixth grade face economic challenges themselves, they wanted to make life better for children in need, halfway around the world in Kenya, Africa. Throughout the school year these children have been collecting pennies and other coins that would enable them to sponsor a child in Africa and provide that child with an opportunity for an education. In fact, one five-year-old child gave all her birthday money of $40 towards this cause.

Working together, these young philanthropists at St. Anthony’s raised $500. A school board member was so impressed with the children’s selflessness that she matched their donation with an additional $500. As a result, two children will be sponsored at St. Elizabeth School in Timau Catholic Mission in Kenya.

Sisters Joanne Gangloff and Bea Leising, who serve in ministry at St. Elizabeth’s, are thrilled with the generosity of the children which will make it possible for the sponsorship of two children: David Kirimi and Grace Wachera.

Although he is almost five-years-old, David appears younger and is very physically stunted. The hope is that with better nutrition he will make some improvements in time. David’s mother is mentally challenged and his father is unable to find work. Although he does odd jobs, he cannot earn enough money to feed his wife, David, and David’s two younger siblings. Sponsorship will provide David with an education, shoes, clothes, a school uniform, warm blankets, take home food and medical and dental help as needed.

Eight-year-old Grace is a child of a single father. For some unknown reason, Grace doesn’t speak, however she hears and understands. She is currently in nursery school and loves being with the other children. The hope is that this kind of socialization will enable her to eventually speak. Sisters Joanne and Bea will monitor her situation and seek further evaluation if help for Grace becomes available.

We join with David and Grace in giving thanks to the wonderful students from St. Anthony’s who have showered these children in need with blessings and “pennies from heaven.”

Pictured above, Sister Mary Schifferle with some of the students from St. Anthony’s School in Greenville, S.C. who sent “Pennies From Heaven,” and then some, to make life better for David and Grace in Kenya, Africa.

The work in our mission in Africa never ends.

There is always another refugee, sick person, orphan or abandoned child and child in need of shoes. Most importantly, education is the key to the future for these children.

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