Spiritual Reflections

Where Do You Find Peace?

The following reflection is written by Joyce Rupp - writer, international retreat leader, and conference speaker. You can subscribe to Joyce Rupps Newsletter here. Shortly after the Covid-19 virus reached our state, an incident in the supermarket troubled me.  A stranger spoke at length about the details of his work at a water bottling company, his [...]

The Cross: Birthing the Community of Disciples

By Sister Marion Moeser In 2002, I gave a presentation on Mary in the gospels. During the discussion, one person remarked that she had heard that the blood and water coming from the side of Jesus on the cross in John 19:34 was a birthing image – the amniotic fluid and blood involved in human [...]

Disciples on the Road to Emmaus

The Gospel of Luke 24:13-35 By Sister Kathleen Murphy, OSF NOTE: When Father John Leising at Fredonia Place of Williamsville asked S. Kathleen to give a homily this week, she chose today so that she could speak on one of her favorite Gospel stories. This is her homily: Two of my very favorite Gospel stories [...]

JOHN 20:11:18 Mary Magdalene

By Sister Marianne Ferguson After Mary Magdalene showed Peter and the other Apostle the empty tomb, they went home, but she sat, staring at the empty tomb. We wonder at her thoughts; were they wishful thinking? Grief over the loss of the man she loved? Was she expecting him to return? Were these thoughts so [...]

To Find Light or Be Light

By Sister Patricia Burkard For most of us, Lent is a time of penance and a personal reshaping of our lives for good. But this year our lives are being reshaped by the world-wide force known as the Coronavirus. Everyone is experiencing fallout from the pandemic which has decidedly impacted our daily schedules, our ability [...]

The Passion and Glory of Holy Week

A Better Understanding of Easter By Sister Barbara Jean Donovan Today we begin the holiest week of the Church calendar. For many, the upheaval in our lives caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our Easter season traditions — Stations of the Cross at church on Good Friday and attending Easter Sunday Mass in our [...]

“Be it done unto me…”

On this beautiful feast of the Annunciation, what more inspiring words can be our reflection than “Be it done unto me according to THY WORD.” At the moment of Jesus’ conception, our Blessed Mother started the work of our redemption and became the universal and constant model for each one of us. Being attentive to [...]

“Let There Be Light.”

  “Let There Be Light.” By Sister Barbara Jean Wajda Did you ever wonder what was in God’s mind when this word became reality? To the Creator, the past, present and future were THE NOW. What was the darkness that this light was dispelling? Was it the darkness that we associate with eyesight? Or persecution? [...]