Spiritual Reflections

Mark 1: Urgency

By Marianne Ferguson Paul tells us that time is running out, Jesus picks for his disciples men who immediately respond to his call by leaving family and livelihood because the “Kingdom of God” is at hand. Reminds me of a story of three devils who were trying to gain followers. One claimed they should tell [...]

Baptism of Jesus

Mk 1:17-11 By S. Marianne Ferguson After pondering the religious experience of Jesus, one is led to a greater appreciation of our gift of baptism. When we hear the words “This is my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased,” we realize that we too are God’s Beloved daughters and sons. We too, are [...]

Outside My Window

Outside My Window  By S. Zoe Ellen McClure    Outside my window  God’s coloring book  Flames  Majestic  Reds and golds          Grateful,  I sing praise  And find  In creation’s  Autumn notes  Harmony        God’s paint  Creatively  Sings of love  For colors all  And even me  Inside my window. 

Our Father

Matthew 6 By Sister Marianne Ferguson When we see the word OUR we notice the thought of ownership. In a sense, God belongs to us, and so the opposite must be true. We belong to God. God has called us into his own, and our relationship is mutual. We are in a family relationship with [...]

God’s Hands — Our Work

By Sister Marcella Nachreiner OSF God’s hands are creative, loving hands. The heavens above are the work of his hands. So is the earth below “In his hands are the depths of the earth; the tops of the mountains are his also. His is the sea, for he has made it, and the dry land, [...]

A Glance at Creation from my Window

By Sister Marise May OSF For those familiar with Franciscan Villa in Syracuse, our rooms each have a “box window”— two windows in the middle and one on each side. My chair is turned toward the window where I have a view of a beautiful grove of trees. The window sill is my “prayer table,” and the view [...]

A Positive Approach in a Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic. Unemployment at Depression era levels. Civil rights protests that rival those of the 1960s. What the world needs now is prayer — and some spiritual guidance. Sister Kathleen Murphy is a certified spiritual director, someone who companions people as they develop deeper relationships with God. She’s not a therapist, though she does [...]