Spiritual Reflections

Mary of Nazareth: mother, disciple, prophet

By Sister Marion Moeser Originally published in the Western New York Catholic Two trends in biblical studies come together for this reflection. The first, the search for the historical Jesus, allows us to speak also of the historical Mary; the second, the understanding that the earliest Christians lived under the oppressive rule of the Roman

Reflection On The Our Father Prayer

Reflection On The Our Father Prayer By Sister Marianne Ferguson When we see the word “OUR” in this prayer, it brings to mind the thought of ownership. God belongs to us, so the opposite must be true… we belong to God. God has called us into his own and our relationship is mutual. If we

St. Ambrose: A Reflection

By Sister Fran Gangloff December 7 St. Ambrose - Honey-tongued doctor of the Church Antiphonal singing Born - c. 340 Died – April 4, 397 Feast – December 7 One legend tells how the father of baby Ambrose found bees on the infant’s face and a drop of honey on the baby’s tongue. Later in

An Angel and a Star – Shepherds and Magi

Pondering with God’s Word By Sister Moeser Originally published in the Western New York Catholic December 2017 What’s on the top of your Christmas tree: an angel or a star? And what would the Christmas scene be like if we only had Luke’s Gospel? Or only Matthew’s? Only Luke has the angel appearing to the

Pondering with God’s Word: Miryam, beloved leader and prophet of the wilderness community

By Sister Marion Moeser Originally published in the Western New York Catholic One can wonder if Mary of Nazareth had a “patron saint.” If so, was it Miryam of the wilderness account? One can never know, but the questions lead to a reflection on Miryam’s biblical portrait. The prophet Micah recorded that God reminded the Israelites of having redeemed them from bondage and providing them with the leadership of Moses, Aaron and Miryam (Hebrew of Miriam, Mary).

Hidden with Christ: St. Andrew and the Transfiguration

By S. Mary Francis Gangloff Over the years, I have sometimes wondered about and sympathized with Andrew, the Apostle, who seemed to be left out of certain key events. Jesus took Peter, James, and John up to the Mount of Transfiguration, but not Andrew.