Spiritual Reflections

Judging Others

Sister Laurita Kelly "Stop judging, that you may not be judged.  For as you judge, you will be judged, and the measure with which you measure with will be measured out to you.  Why do you notice the splinter in your brother's eye, but not perceive the wooden beam in your own eye?" Matthew 7:1-5 [...]

The Little Skinny Tree

Sister Rosemary Bucchi What I write here may seem very simple or even childlike, but my spirituality is very simple, personal and Franciscan. I believe in, trust in and above all have a great love for the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I always taught children that praying was talking to God, that they should in their [...]

Finding Jesus in the Temple

Amber Alert: 12-year-old Boy Missing By Sister Marion Moeser As I write this (May 8), the New York State Police have issued an Amber Alert for a 9-year-old missing boy, Gustavo, probably kidnapped. The alert features the boy's name, hair and eye colors, and what he is wearing.  All were asked to be on the [...]

Jesus the Healer, Emmanuel

Jesus the Healer, Emmanuel By Sister Marion Moeser, OSF The Covid 19 global pandemic reveals our vulnerability; the mitigation efforts make us aware of community around us and all over the world. At this time we naturally turn to prayer and ask for help and healing from our God. Our situation calls to mind Jesus’ [...]

Clare, Covid-19, and The Communion of Saints

By Sister Margaret Carney OSF, STD Published on the Franciscan Media website “He died alone!” “We were not with her!” These lamentations are heard daily as people recount the most bitter experience of losing a loved one to COVID-19. This cry from the heart expresses the deep suffering the crisis creates. But dare we ask [...]

Where Do You Find Peace?

The following reflection is written by Joyce Rupp - writer, international retreat leader, and conference speaker. You can subscribe to Joyce Rupps Newsletter here. Shortly after the Covid-19 virus reached our state, an incident in the supermarket troubled me.  A stranger spoke at length about the details of his work at a water bottling company, his [...]

The Cross: Birthing the Community of Disciples

By Sister Marion Moeser In 2002, I gave a presentation on Mary in the gospels. During the discussion, one person remarked that she had heard that the blood and water coming from the side of Jesus on the cross in John 19:34 was a birthing image – the amniotic fluid and blood involved in human [...]

Disciples on the Road to Emmaus

The Gospel of Luke 24:13-35 By Sister Kathleen Murphy, OSF NOTE: When Father John Leising at Fredonia Place of Williamsville asked S. Kathleen to give a homily this week, she chose today so that she could speak on one of her favorite Gospel stories. This is her homily: Two of my very favorite Gospel stories [...]